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dandelion break

There doesn’t appear to be a daily prompt again today, so I bring you this comic strip from the 1980’s. It was one of my favorite comic strips back then — right up there with Calvin & Hobbes, For Better or for WorseRose is Rose, and a few others I’ve forgotten but loved as a kid. I used to cut them out of the paper and paste them into a scrapbook that has long since been lost. Of course, I have all of the books the artist (here it says Berke Breathed, but it’s Berkeley Breathed) has put out of this comic strip. He has a few other strips, but this is the one of his I like the most.

Anyway, this particular strip is how I feel today. I’m turning everything off and taking a break from it all. Seeing as how this strip was drawn in the 1980’s, you can see that the world hasn’t really changed much. Only the number of ways we get our information has changed. I need to turn off more than my television to take a dandelion break. I need to turn off my computers, my phone, and my television.  And, even though the lake in my yard has subsided a bit, it’s still a little damp out there, so I won’t be sitting amongst the dandelions. Instead, I’ll be killing imaginary dragons, or picking imaginary flowers. or just riding my imaginary horse through an imaginary countryside. I haven’t decided yet.

Still relevant today

Still relevant today

By the way, if anyone’s interested. This artist has revived this comic strip and is drawing new ones. You can see them on Facebook, or gocomics.com. Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone thought I didn’t know. 🙂


5 thoughts on “dandelion break

  1. I’ve never read this comic strip before but it seems interesting 🙂 I love comics though! They can capture life so aptly in a few short panels if the artist is good. I love Calvin and Hobbes the most though 🙂


      • I had a few as well but they’re all packed in boxes sitting in my parents basement back in Pakistan 😑 Maybe I’ll bring some back with me when I visit Pakistan next!


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