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My house is an island


Lake Cocoa

So, remember that lake I had in my yard a few posts back?  Well, it disappeared for a day or two — thank goodness for small favors — but then we had a really big storm yesterday and it came back and brought friends.  We weren’t the only ones hit, as you can see if you hit the link. Tons of people and places around here were flooded in and closed down. We were lucky that we only lost power for a minute or two. I have enough supplies for about three days, but we’ve only had a few months to start stocking up and the hubs has been kinda half-hearted about it. I’m hoping that yesterday will open his eyes that having emergency supplies is a good thing because he’s lucky that he was actually able to drive his car this morning I mean, look at our driveway ^^^, and my cute little dog who just can’t help but  go in the water. Our other dog isn’t so happy about the whole thing, but Cocoa is all, “whatevah, dudes, I’m cool with water.”

And that’s after a eight hours of no rain. The water has gone back a bit.  Last night the water came right over the the first step of our porch. Which wasn’t cool at all with our tenant because it flat out covered the path we put in for her. What can I say though? I can’t stop the rain.


About ten o’clock last night.

Our heater quit on us about an before it hit the porch, so I’m guessing that our crawlspace is just flooded. I’m going to call the insurance people soon, because yep, we have flood insurance and it is for just such emergencies.  It covers any and all electrical stuff down there in the crawlspace. Plus, by the looks of the waterlines around the house, I’m guessing it’s all under water down there.  I don’t know how that works, really. I’ve never had to deal with a crawlspace or basement before. I’ve usually lived in apartments. But since there are steps leading down to it, and water seeks its own level, I know that it was flooded at least to where the water was around it. How we’re gonna get it out of there, that’s what I don’t know.I have no idea if it’ll drain on its own or if we have to pump it out. I’m gonna research that as soon as I’m done posting (priorities, right? besides, I can’t do anything until the waters recede. I’m not Moses, you know). I’m pretty sure that’s what the insurance is for, but I guess I’ll find out.


My house from the driveway…

So anyway, we went from having a lake at the side of our house to being an island in the middle of a lake. I’m watching the water slowly drain away from my window this morning — thank goodness it stopped raining. According to everyone I’ve talked to and all of the news stories I’ve read and listened to about this and just people who live here in general, this is very unusual and doesn’t happen very often. When we first moved here, the guy across the street told us about a flood that happened 25 years ago that went right up to the cul-de-sac (where this one is) but that it happened so long ago, and only the one time and we had “Nothing to worry about”. hahahaha.  The news said that this wouldn’t be nearly as bad as the one that hit in 2009, so we should count ourselves lucky. Of course, I wasn’t here in 2009 so I can’t compare them. Also, 2009 wasn’t that far off, so that begs the question of what’s normal anymore. There’s no disputing that the weather is changing so what was unusual might become normal and all that good stuff. Now, we knew we were on the 100 year floodplain when we bought the house, but damn, couldn’t it have waited at least a couple of years before proving the climate change people right? ^_^

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7 thoughts on “My house is an island

  1. As long as you have internet I suppose living on an island can’t be too bad, right? Besides, didn’t you once say you wanted to put in a pond or something on the property? 😂


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