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I hate touchscreens

hp computer stock image

Like this but not this one

So the daily prompt asks us about the “power of touch” and specifically What texture is particularly evocative to you? And I’m gonna say that seriously, I don’t like this obsession we have with smooth glass these days. I don’t like glass cooktops, and I really hate touchscreens. My computer is one big monitor with no actual desktop unit. Everything is built right into the monitor, except the keyboard and mouse of course, which are Bluetooth (no wires).  It’s great because it doesn’t take up much room. It’s also a touch screen, so if my mouse dies, which it does… often… I can use the screen to finish up what I’m doing if it requires a mouse, and then go find batteries. That’s kind of a handy feature except that I really don’t do touchscreens well. I really hate touchscreen smart phones.  Where I think my finger is and where the smart phone (or tablet, or even my computer) thinks my finger is appear to be two different places and using a smart phone for me is often an exercise in frustration. Which is why, dear friends who read my blog, y’all hardly ever get text messages from me. If you do, be very glad that I took the twenty minutes to type one out.


Gone and soon to be forgotten. Image from here

I used to have a phone with a slide out QWERTY keypad, and I loved that thing, but they have gone the way of the DoDo bird. I’ve looked high and low for a good slider phone, but the ones I’ve found are rather mediocre at best. So I’m stuck with a touch screen.  I’m tempted to just go back to a regular phone and call it a day. You know, just a phone that makes phone calls because screw it. Do I need to be that connected all day and all night?  I’ve given that some serious thought. I only use my phone to make phone calls and occasionally check messages and amuse myself in the bathroom (admit it, you do that too), but I lived without a smart phone for decades before they became popular. I’m pretty sure I can live without them again. Especially since I really hate touchscreens and that’s pretty much all that’s out there now. But everything has touch screens now. Hell, I’m so used to everything having touch screens, I tried to get my television to do something by touching the screen. I’m just that used to them being there. My Kindle has a touch screen. My phone has a touch screen. As I mentioned before, my computer is touchscreen. Most transactions in stores are done with a touch screen, and boy am I shocked when they’re not. Ha!

sally lazy eye

Old Peanuts comic

See, I have this problem — Amblyopia , also known as “Lazy eye” except my eyes look perfectly fine. Now this is quite common and easily corrected if caught as a child, but I didn’t even know I had it, because my eyes look perfectly fine, until I was in my early forties. Ha!  The long and short of it is that one eye (the left) doesn’t focus as well as the other, so my brain just ignores the information from it most of the time. This means I don’t have binocular vision. It’s why I can’t ever see 3D movies or 3D pictures, even with the glasses. And it’s also why I have horrible depth perception — yeah parallel parking is so much fun! and why (and I’m guessing on this) I get glorious migraines. If we had caught it early, I might not have this difficulty, but my mom didn’t believe in spending money on these little inconveniences called her kids, especially if it wasn’t an emergency. The only reason we had glasses at all is because my teacher threatened to call the Welfare office on her if she didn’t get them for us.  Because back then, they actually had sight screening in the schools. I remember that clearly. But I digress.

So anyway, touch screens and I will continue to have a hate/hate relationship, but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I cannot get away from them. Until they design a system that gets directly implanted into our brains, it’s all about the fingers and eyes.  Just because my eyes and fingers don’t play well together doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to suffer. But I will continue to hate touchscreens no matter what. ^_^

By the way, WordPress, your new editing window sucks rocks. What good does an editing bar do if I have to scroll all the way up to the top to use it?  I mean, every time I want to insert a link or image or even bold or italicize something I have to stop what I’m doing and scroll up? That’s just stupid.  Y’all should totally work on that.   The only thing that scrolls down with me are the “preview” and “Publish” buttons so now I have to search for the tags and categories when I’m done? Jeez Louis. What the hell? Who designed this? Don’t even get me started on the picture editing…


13 thoughts on “I hate touchscreens

  1. Consider the stylus for those touch screen phones. I could NOT stand using my phone if I didn’t have one. In my case my fingers are too big to be useful for those tiny screens. It won’t make you love the phone any better, but it does make things easier! 🙂


  2. Your post made me smile. I see why you have issues with the touch screen. I would not enjoy it on a computer or laptop. I’m just not there yet. But I have to say I like it on my phone… or maybe I got used to it.

    I especially loved your comment about the new WordPress editing window…


  3. I love touch screen phones and tablets, but I hate glass top stoves too 😑 Despite my love for smart phones and tablets, there’s nothing quite like typing something on a proper computer with a keyboard! 🙂
    Oh and you’re not alone in your frustration with the new wordpress editor design 😖


    • Yep, keyboards are best for everything! I learned to touch type on a typewriter when I was in high school, so I love my QWERTY keyboard.

      Glass cook tops are great for heating but man do they get scratched up easily! The worst! >_<

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  4. I hate them too. I cope with it on my Kindles because I don’t have to actually write anything more than a couple of words and that every once in a while. But I hate it on my cell phone, on my cameras, and on the one computer that has the capability, I have turned it off. I don’t like finger painting either.


  5. Touch screen is something we have to learn to live with I suppose. Up to now I only know it on the iPad/Kindle and iPhone. I have an Apple computer as well as a Microsoft, but have no ordered a new Microsoft with Windows 10, so will have to get used to that. I have a blue tooth mouse with my apple and love it and am thinking about getting one for my windows 10 as well.
    I especially agree with the comments in the last paragraph and have just written another blog (yes my second) about this new stupid improved editor which is not improved and a step back to the dinosaur days
    We have a new editor for our posts. you are not alone in your comments, just follow the link in my post.

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  6. Word. I hate touch screens too and I really don’t like that everything is moving to them. I think there’s a few Blackberry phones left that still have a physical keyboard.

    I also agree with you on the new WordPress editor. The picture editing is that bad, eh?


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