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So… places…

So the daily prompt pushes us to: Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit.

Now, as you, dear reader know, I’ve mentioned a few times before, that I’ve traveled a lot.  Yep, those are all links to past posts. Feel free to browse… I’ll wait. ^_^  But I’ve also mentioned that I have a horrible fear of flying.  So that means that my wandering ways have been limited to wherever my car can take me.  I’ve also mentioned many times that I’ve been rock poor most of my life so that means no passport. This means that my travels are limited to my country only — the USofA. Lucky for me, the United States is pretty big so I can scratch that travelling itch whenever I like and not have to worry about crossing any borders.

That doesn’t mean, however, that there are places that I have always wanted to see but haven’t been able to get to. I read… a lot, and there are countries that I’ve always wanted to see because of their rich history.

grand canyon

Grand Canyon

I visited one place last year, which was the Grand Canyon. Believe it or not, I drove past the Grand Canyon a dozen times while crossing the country and going back and forth here and there but I never stopped to visit it. I always wanted to but for some reason or another I just never… stopped.  Well, the hubs and I went there on our mini-honeymoon and I stopped by there again when drove from New Mexico to Washington state. And it was everything I thought it would be. The Skybridge wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, but it was interesting. Some day, I might have to take an RV there and camp in the campgrounds so we can experience it better, but for now, I like that we went and spent the day there. It was fun and just as breathtaking as I thought it would be.

turkish coffee and delight

Plus they have bitchin’ good coffee & treats (photo from here)

Turkey is one of them because of Constantinople — Istanbul.  I can’t remember what story I read as a kid that sparked my interest in Constantinople, but I’ve really just always had this fascination for the place for as long as I can remember. Of course, back then, a lot of the information we had was pretty bias and I had to take it all with a grain of salt, but I thought it sounded fascinating while they were trying to make it sound strange.  Anyway, the more I read, the more I wanted to know. I found out that this country is where the crusades were fought, and I wanted to know more.  It was the seat of power not only for the Ottoman Empire, but for the Roman Empire, and I wanted to know more. When I had friends from Turkey in college, I was ecstatic because the were wonderful people, and I wanted to know more about modern Turkey.  I’ve wanted to see this place for so long that I considered teaching English there when I got my degree in English. But I couldn’t get over my crippling fear of planes. Just couldn’t do it. Seriously. It’s that bad. People said to take a sleeping pile, but 1) those things don’t work on me and 2) if you think I’m afraid to fly while awake, the thought of flying while knocked out cold was even more terrifying. Ha!


Dome Chhatris Spires – Taj Mahal” by Biswarup Ganguly.

Another place I’ve always wanted to go because I read about it as a child was India. I mean most of my childhood books took place in England but mentioned India — well except the Jungle Book which took place mostly in the Jungles of India, but I digress. Anyway, of course they were bias because they were written by English authors but they sparked my curiosity and I wanted to find out about India. I understand that India is about 1/3 the size of the United States, so it’s still a pretty big country, and it is full of plains, deserts, and mountains just like the United States. I’m not naive enough to think that if I visit one part of India then I’ve seen everything I need to see of India. That would be like saying that if I’ve never been to the United States and I visited New York, then I’ve seen all I need to see of the United States. Hell, I was born and raised in the US and I haven’t seen everything there is to see in the US! When I had Indian friends in college, I didn’t expect them to all be the same. That’s just silly.  Plus, OMG, I’ve always wanted to see place like the Taj Mahal just because of the history behind them. I mean, dude, this is a tomb built to honor his beloved wife. That’s kinda cool. But again, the only way to get there from here is by plane, so that’s probably never gonna happen. Oh well.


These are the sights I want to see. Photo from here

Another place I’ve always wanted to go was Alaska. For those not familiar with US geography, Alaska is a part of the United States, but we have to drive through Canada to get there. Now I can drive to Alaska now that I actually have a passport (it’s a long story how I came by a passport), or I can take a cruise line up to Alaska. Since I’ve also always wanted to take a cruise, I’ll probably do the latter. Some people wonder why I’d do that since a cruise means I wouldn’t take in the splendor of the wildlife and the mountains etc… Well, maybe when I was younger I could do all of that hiking and mucking about, but now that I’m older and my body is falling apart around me, I’m content to sit on the deck of a cruise ship and admire it from afar while I sip my coffee. That’s good enough for me. Honestly, I’ve never been the adventurous type. I’m perfectly content to wait in a nice, warm cabin while others go tromping about. They can have all of the “fun” while I read and stay warm.  That’s why I’d chose a cruise over a package that has hiking and stuff any day of the week.

So the last places I’ve always wanted to go are, to just cross the two borders of my own country. I mean, they’re right there — North and South.  I dunno what I’d do in Canada or Mexico, shop for a bit maybe? But it just irks me that I’ve been nearly everywhere in the United States and I’ve lived close to both borders on many occasions — hell, I live an hour’s drive way from Canada right now — and have never just gone to either country.  Maybe it’s because I have never had a reason to go either way, but… I dunno. It just seems weird that there are these two countries right there and I just haven’t gone there for whatever reason. If I do visit Canada or Mexico, would that make me a globe trotter? ^_^ So far, I’ve been a nomad stuck in my own country by self-imposed boundaries.  I may or may not ever break out of these chains. But for better or for worse, I think I’ve done my fair share of traveling.

Just for fun, Eddy Izzard’s view on the British Empire…



2 thoughts on “So… places…

    • Quebec is one of those places I’ve always been curious about but had no burning desire to go see. If I’m ever up that way, I’ll probably head towards Quebec. Same with Newfoundland (plus I have friends in Newfoundland). But if memory serves me, they’re on the opposite end of the country…


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