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There was a woman

She was born. She lived. She died. 

The End. 


That’s the “story” I used to tell my kids whenever they were being obnoxious about telling them one more story before bed. That’s when they knew story time was over. But that about sums it up, right? We’re all born. We all live. And in the end we all end up dead. Some people say I lead an interesting life.  Well, I used to. At this point in my life, it’s only now and then that weird stuff happens to me. But up until a few years ago, I did lead an interesting life and I’ve been tempted to write a fictionalized story of my wanderings and happenings.  A lot of the short stories I wrote do tend to be heavily fictionalized ‘true life’ stories, but I’m nowhere in them (some people tend to make themselves the “hero” of their own stories, I try to avoid that) and it helps to get that stuff out. I miss my muse. But I digress.


Like Calvin… I lead an interesting life

The daily prompt asks us: If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover. And while I might find that book handy for winning arguments… “See, the book clearly says that my memory was right and yours is absolutely wrong.”  It would be a bit… meh to have all of that past nonsense weighing me down. I also think that reading my life up to the day of my death would be impossible because the future is fluid. I’d have to read until the end every day (per the prompt) just to see what’s changed and what has remained the same. That would get old pretty fast. And really, the only thing that matters to me is what’s going on right now. As anyone who reads this blog already knows about me.


Just a funny to take up space

So no, prompt writers, I wouldn’t read the magical book of my life from cover to cover should it mysteriously fall into my lap. Then again, the tomes of every day of my life can’t really be contained in one book, unless it truly is a magical book where the pages disappear as you turn them (or it was a massive e-book file). I mean, think about it. Have you ever watched a movie of your favorite book? The movies are almost always lacking because they have to cut so much from the books out. There isn’t time to put everything in a 200 page book in a two hour movie… and that’s just two hours!  I’ve lived nearly fifty years. The “book” that contains “all that has happened” — meaning it wouldn’t be a biography type book that just glosses over things You were born here, raised here and here, then went to school there, there, and there… but much more in depth — would cover walls, or at the very least need its own dedicated e-book reader.  So yeah, it would take a bit longer than your average book to read. And I can go through two or three books a day.

I think I’ll take a pass on that and use books for what they’re really for. Escaping the really real world. ^_^  Or, of course, learning about things that are not centered around me.



4 thoughts on “There was a woman

  1. I agree with you completely: reading a book about your own life would be very dull indeed. I mean you already know what’s going to happen next so you’ll never reach the present!
    Though I think I would pay good money to read a book about your life 😀 You should definitely start writing that book!

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