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If a bag o’ gold fell from the sky

It would probably flatten me, but that’s just physics. ^_^  We’re talking fantasy here.  Have you ever played the wishing game, dear reader? You know the one, where you and whomever you’re with sit and say what you’d do if a million dollars — or whatever the equivalent of a dollar is in your country — fell into your lap. Tax free of course, so long as we’re fantasizing. Now, a million dollars doesn’t go as far as it did when I was a kid… “I’ll buy the world!” ^_^  But we can still hope.  Yesterday, the hubs and I played, “What if…?” and we both had pretty similar goals.

crazy wife

hahahaha! I’m not crazy. ^_^

Both of us would pay off all of our bills, including the house, the car, the student loans and other miscellaneous bills. How adult of us, right? No more buying the world. ^_^  After paying off all of the bills including the mortgage, that would leave us with roughly 600,000 USD.  In today’s economy, that’s not much, but we could do a bit with that. Now what we’d do with that $600K, that’s when our plans start going in slightly different ways. Me, I would take the house we have and make it better. Raise it up, pour a better foundation, install a better heating system, shore up the walls, put down new flooring, update the electrical system, maybe the plumbing if it needs it. Renovate the kitchen like we’ve been talking about, and do a few things to the outside that we’ve been talking about.  Then I’d turn my attention to the outside with fences, landscaping (not the kind y’all are thinking about) and add goats and chickens etc…


Even surrounded by water… But I’ve got a plan

Him, he would raze this house to the ground, move the location of the house down the way a bit, closer to the road I think… and build one that’s like this one (because we both like this one) but better.  Have a new and improved house that “feels” like this house.  He’d grade the property so we don’t have this flooding issue that we’re having now. He doesn’t think that keeping this house and improving it is cost effective. Me, I’m not concerned with cost. I’m concerned with keeping the “feel” of the place. I want my home to feel like my home. I mean that’s why we bought this home, because we walked into it and said, “This is our home.” And for no other reason. I mean, hell’s bells, we certainly didn’t need 2.5 acres of land, did we?  I’ve never felt this at home in any other place. I mean, we haven’t even been here for a full year and it seems like I’ve always lived here. All of those other places I’ve lived at? Other lifetimes. This is where I was meant to be.


Water water everywhere.

By the way, I forgot to mention that we’re surrounded by water again. Most of our county is. Epic proportions! Our neighbor’s yard is streaming with water that’s draining into his pond and back out into the river. He’s never seen anything like it in “all the years he’s lived here” and he’s been here a quarter of a century. Luckily, it’s receding now, but we’re expecting more rain tonight. So cross your fingers that we don’t float away while we’re sleeping. Our tenants bugged out about an hour ago, and I don’t blame them. They have a baby to think of. I’m just gonna hang in there and hope for the best. No one has issued an evacuation notice (yet), so I’m gonna stick it out.  The pictures I’m posting are from the last flood because everything is charging. The power went out a bit ago, and I’m trying to get everything done in a hurry before it goes out again. I’ll come through and edit this later if it’s still on. But with more rains and “hurricane strength winds” on the way there’s a good chance it’ll go out again. ^_^


4 thoughts on “If a bag o’ gold fell from the sky

  1. Ok please don’t float away in the middle of the night without updating your blog to let us know where you’re going 😂 Stay safe!
    How our plans change when we’re ‘responsible’ adults rather then dreamy children! For what it’s worth, I would probably do something similar if I had a million dollars (pay off loans, finally buy a house and leave rented living forever) 😉

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    • I’ll try and keep y’all in the loop! It appears that the heavy rains have stopped for the moment at least, which gives us a minute to breathe. I’ll post more pics tomorrow if the stars are all lined up right.

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  2. We need to have a chat with Mother Nature about water distribution. It seems that wherever you are, there’s either much too much … or not nearly enough. We are currently in the “not nearly enough” area, but have in past years been afflicted with much too much. If half your water could be deflected this way, neither of us would have a water problem.

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