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Nothing new here… keep going

So, the daily prompt asks us this : You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?



Now, I have a few issues with this question. One, I’ll never be on a long flight.  Never… as in not ever.  because I’m terrified of flying. Terrified. It’s not gonna happen. A long train ride, maybe, but not a long flight. And honestly, why would someone insist on reading my palm? Are they that bored? Does my palm hold the secrets of the universe? I think not. Any palm reader worth their salt knows how to take the answer “No.” To tell you the truth, if someone sitting next to me asked if they could read my palm, my answer would be, “I already know what it says.” Because I used to read palms myself. Then that person and I would probably get into a conversation about palmistry and such. The how’s the where’s the why’s etc… Anyone who insists would a charlatan out for a quick coin and best avoided. Or a drama queen who’s gonna give you a “dark” reading… also best avoided. And seriously, why does it have to be a she? Huh?  The first and last persons who read my palm were dudes. Dudes! That first one, he was pretty good at it too.  Got me interested in it, which is how I used to read palms for fun and profit (not really,  I never charged for it, it was mostly for fun and charity).



Let’s see here…

Also, why would anyone “hesitate” to have their palm read? What’s the big deal? The lines on your palm only tell where you’ve been, and who you are, and some possible outcomes based on those two things. Anyone who tells you that they can see your future by reading your palm is scamming you. The lines on your palm are merely the roadmap of your life. Period. End of discussion. They cannot foretell a short life or a long life. They cannot foretell if you’ll be rich or die poor. What they can do, is imply that you have the possibility to make money because you have the innate ability to do so, if only you weren’t so lackadaisical as pointed out by this line here. ^_^

It’s been years since I’ve read palms on a regular basis, I’ve have to brush up on which lines mean what anymore. I mean, sure, I remember the biggies. But there’s way more to it than the life line, the head line, love line, and fate line. Way more. I mean, you can tell a lot about a person just by those lines. How deep they are, which way they’re going, which line is crossing the other… that sort of thing. But to give a full reading, there’s more too it. More I only kind of vaguely remember. ^_^ All kinds of stuff about mounds and valleys, the shapes  and length of fingers. And the smaller lines. Do the lines on both hands match? Some people’s do. Others don’t. Mind don’t. The hubs has matching hands. I used to know all of this stuff. But I just stopped reading people’s palms for some reason, and kind of forgot it all.  I did enjoy doing it too. It was fun.



Image for smaller lines — the shapes mean something

But to answer the question. If this pushy person were to read my palm “she” would say that I’m stubborn. That I don’t have close ties with my family. That I have loved and lost a couple of times, but my heart line is strong and deep now. That my fate line is broken (I’m not following my destined path). That my intuition is strong. That my life line is deep and strong but with a few breaks here and there so I should keep a look out for illnesses. That I tend to follow my hunches rather than my logic. That I have an artistic bent but don’t always follow through with my projects. I should have about four kids. I’m a hard worker by the shape of my fingers. And that’s about all I can tell by the lines of my hands ^_^

Fun fact, did you know that the lines on your hands change over time? Of course they do. Everything changes, even the shape and size of your fingers. As you live, grow, and change so does the roadmap of your life. So if you had your palm read in the past, don’t think that reading has any bearing on your present life. Just sayin’


On the home front. The waters receded enough that our driveway is not underwater any more. Can’t say the same about our crawlspace though, that is totally still completely flooded (which means no heat for us for a while). And it’s raining again. So, keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best! Come on, snow! Hurry up and get here! (a foot of snow isn’t nearly as bad as a foot of water, at least that won’t clog up our heating ducts).


12 thoughts on “Nothing new here… keep going

  1. I’m a sucker for such stuff so I’d probably say yes to the pushy palm reader on that hypothetical plane ride, but that doesn’t mean I believe in that stuff.. It’s just fun and games, no? Like horoscopes and reading tea leaves


    • I’m a sucker for it too, but the only thing these things can really do (in the hands of reputable readers) is give you insights about yourself. Nothing more, nothing less. There are no “tall, dark, & handsome” people in your future according to your hands. I’ve never had my tea leaves read, but someone read my coffee sludge (the stuff that’s left over after Turkish coffee) once.

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    • The head line originates from over your thumb and generally goes toward your pinkie, and (in most people) bends down toward the wrist. The heart line originates under the pinkie and goes toward the index finger (the pointer) and generally bends up towards the index finger. Now, in some people these two lines will merge and become one straight line.

      A straight head line indicates a person who is more logical than fanciful. One who uses their head in most situations and doesn’t really have an artistic bent. The more the head line bends down toward the wrist, the more artistic the person is. And there’s a certain curve that has to be there too.

      A straight heart line indicates a person who is more pragmatic in their love life. One who follows their head over their heart. The more the heart line curves up towards the index finger, the more passionate the person is.

      When the two lines have merged and become one across the hand, that indicates a logical, pragmatic, dispassionate person.

      Of course, there are other lines to look at, and it all depends on which hand you’re looking at (you should always read your dominate hand). ^_^


      • Thanks so much. It is hard for me to define the lines as there are all these “extras.” I still need to study my palm more to determine which is which. I always over-analyze. Comes from being an English Lit major–ha.


        • I’m an English Lit major too, but I broke the mold. I didn’t over-analyse anything! I always argued with my profs… “Are you sure the author meant that?” I mean, perhaps the text just means what it says and nothing more. Seriously. There were a lot of lively debates in my classes. ^_^ I still got my MA though. Ha!


  2. Like horoscopes. They just indicate potentials. They never say what WILL be or even what has been. They can be a surprisingly accurate character study … but you actually never learn anything you didn’t already know. And I refused to read a child’s chart for a parent OR child. Too likely to put ideas in their heads.

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    • Yep, it’s the same with tarot… I tell people that the tarot is mostly for entertainment purposes only, and shouldn’t be taken as written in stone. But some people will take every card as holy gospel and you just can’t talk them out of it.


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