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Here’s Irony for you

So I’ve answered this prompt before.  There’s always a hint that they’ve recycled the prompt when I open my reader and I have new likes on an old post. Ha! But that’s not the irony I speak of.  The prompt, by the way is this: [10,000 Spoons]…When all you need is a knife might not be ironic, but it is unfortunate. Add your own verse, stanza, or story of badly-timed annoyance to Alanis Morissette’s classicI’m not sure when that song became a “classic” but that’s neither here nor there.

I’m not up to writing poetry at this time, and song lyrics are poetry. So I’m gonna write about the story of our move to Washington and why that’s ever so slightly ironic. See, I moved to Washington because, as I explained before, it turns out I’m allergic to most of the plants that grow and thrive in New Mexico, making it so I cannot breathe properly. Like, gasping for breath and ready to fall down faint can’t breath properly.  So, when life hit the fan, we decided to move to Washington with its slightly cleaner air and way different flora. And it worked.  I’ve been breathing better than ever.


Okay, we’ve had more than a little rain…

Until about a month ago when the temperature dropped and we had to close all of the windows against the elements and to keep the cold out and the heat in. See, I need air circulation to breathe properly, and the one ceiling fan in the back room doesn’t cut it. When we lived in our apartment last year, we just kept one window cracked open and called it a day — worked great. Yeah, that won’t work here because this house is a bit bigger than our apartment and the winds drive the rains right into any little crack. I have a plan on how to overcome that, but it’s gonna cost money and will take some time. So we moved up here for the rainy weather to help my breathing and the rainy weather is (at the moment) making it worse. Ha!  But really, with a little time, effort, and a lot of money, we can work around the rain.  First things first, get rid of the central heating system. The main trunk sits on the ground under the crawlspace and every time there’s more than a little rain, it floods with all kinds of water and debris. Not helpful for my lungs at all. There’s no other place to run the ducting, so just rip the whole thing out and put in either baseboard heating or radiant heating. Also, the central heat doesn’t appear to be working (again) at the moment. Stupid machine. I hate central heat & air. Always have.  Just rip the damned thing out and get something else. Step one in my master plan.


Even clouds get trapped here (view outside my window.

Another way our WA move is working against me is that our new house is in a valley. This means on sunny, cold and clear days without wind everything gets trapped right here. All of the smoke from everyone’s chimney, all of the mold spores from decaying leaves, all of the dust from everything… it just gets caught in the air right here and stays until the next wind blows it away.  Luckily, we get some mighty winds here. But (ironically) that means that on nice sunny days I can’t really go outside because the air quality isn’t that great right now.  Okay, I can go outside, but my lung won’t like it. Rainy days, no problem, the rain washes most of it out of the air. But on sunny days, watch out. In the spring and summer, this isn’t an issue, but fall and winter… yeah. I don’t know how we’re gonna work around that. My rescue inhaler doesn’t seem to be helping with it much. Staying inside doesn’t help because I need the fresh air, but then again the air ain’t so fresh out there, is it?  So, we moved to Washington because I was allergic to New Mexico’s fauna, but it appears that Washington’s winters aren’t gonna be very kind to me.  I think that’s ironic.

up house

Totally not moving!

However, I’m not moving again. Nope. I love it here. This is my forever home. I walked into this house when we saw the Open House and said to myself, “This is my home. If we buy this house, I will never leave.” And I meant that.  Usually, when I’ve lived somewhere this long (and we haven’t lived here that long by most people’s standards) I’m already thinking about the next place I’m going to move to. I’ll be making vague plans about how I’m gonna pack up the stuff I have. It’s all mental of course… involuntary.  I don’t set out to move from place to place. But even in New Mexico after we bought our first house and I was making renovation plans, I had this image of where I was going to go “next” should I need to. But here… that’s not happening.  Here it’s more like, “If such and such happens, this is how I’ll change things here…”  No more moving around. This is where I’m going to stay.  Something catastrophic will have to happen to get me out of this house. And coming from me, that’s saying something.

I think I’ll start calling myself The Retired Nomad. ^_^

Just for fun… (because I used the phrase “ever so slightly” this video came to mind) plus unfortunate v. ironic

Expensive Tastes ~ Whitney Avalon


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