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In three years time

pensive Mister

I’ve had my cat longer than the hubs

I’ll be three years older… and that’s all I know about three years from now. The daily prompt asks us to: Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future. But man, does my life change in a matter of three years.  The hubster pointed out yesterday that it was four years ago today when we met online. I was in Mississippi just finishing up my Master’s in English and he lived in New Mexico and had recently resigned himself to live as a single man… His best friend convinced him to sign up for the dating service we met on. The rest, they say, is history.  Neither of us knew or expected anything to come of the messages we sent to each other, but hey, that’s what dating sites are for, right? To connect and see what becomes of the connections. It’s interesting though, because for a while I had considered moving to Portland, OR and not Albuquerque, NM.  I’d only recently changed my mind when the hubs messaged me.  Serendipity, right?

I’ve mentioned before that when I moved to New Mexico from Mississippi I had a plan. I was going to New Mexico to try and get a teaching job at one of the universities, maybe a community college, or even a high school. I was all set with my letters of recommendation and my shiny new diploma. I had it all set in my mind. I put down six months rent on a mother-in-law apartment in the cheap part of town, a cute little one room place with donkeys and chickens and a hippie landlord who was kinda spacey but nice too. I didn’t have a car so I walked everywhere or took the bus. Then two things happened simultaneously and all of my plans went right out of the window.

My Plans Vs the Universe's Plans

Truer words were never drawn

The first thing that happened was meeting the hubs in real life (well, he wasn’t my hubby then). We sparked almost immediately and in less than four months had moved in together and were making plans to marry. Two people who’d sworn separately to never marry were making plans to marry.  That’ll show us, right? The next thing that happened — coincidentally… I mean, I’m sure one had nothing to do with the other (or did it??? ^_^)  — was that my health began to deteriorate rapidly.  I went from someone who could walk for several miles with impunity to someone who could barely make it from one room to the other without gasping for air.  It was such a rapid decline that it frightened me. To this day, the doctors don’t know why. Also, coincidentally, my thyroid decided that this would be the best time in the world to quit working. So I had my lungs and my thyroid working against me at once, just as I found the perfect man for me.  I tease him all of the time about how I was perfectly healthy (not really) before I met him but he must have made me sick somehow. I don’t know how, but it is a strange coincidence, dontcha think?


So unrehearsed…

Anyway, my point is, no one knows where I, or any of us really, will be in three years. I could be sitting at this very desk typing on this very computer about how great the farm I have planned for this house is doing. Or I could be in Alaska typing about how very wrong life went three years ago and now I’m hiding out in Alaska because “life happens” as the prompt so helpfully mentions. So much happens in one year… three years is just mind blowing when I think about it.  I mean, when the hubs reminded me that we’d met four years ago today, I pointed out that since then I’ve lived in three states (MS, NM, WA) and five addresses.  We as a couple have lived in four addresses and two states. That’s just in four years. But with infinite possibilities in front of me, how can I possibly write a blog post set three years from now?


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