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Let me sing you…

…the song of my people. So goes the meme. And memes are the earworms of the present day.  The daily prompt bids us to: Write whatever you normally write about, and weave in a book quote, film quote, or song lyric that’s been sticking with you this week.

earworm meme

Earworm meme

Interestingly enough, I have a Facebook page that I subscribe do called Do You Remember? which posts things to my Facebook news feed that are nostalgic for people of my age or older.  Some of it is pretty interesting and I enjoy seeing the things they post. But the title of the page has put an earworm in my brain that simply will not die. It’s the song by Ronnie Milsap that people mistakenly think is a birthday song (because it’s called Happy Happy Birthday, Baby) but if they listened to the lyrics they’d realize that it’s kinda creepy. I mean the lyrics that got stuck in my mind are: Do you remember, the names we had for each other?/ You were my pretty, I was your baby. How could we say good-bye?  Yeah, it’s really not a sweet song considering the next lines are: Hope I didn’t spoil your birthday/ I know I’m acting kind of crazy…  Seriously… that’s not creepy or stalker-ish at all, right? >_< I don’t even know if a song like that would fly in today’s PC world. But even in the comment section of the YouTube video, there’s all kinds of people dedicating this song to others as a birthday song.  I mean, it says “Happy Birthday” in the title, so it must be a birthday song, right?

video of song…

with lyrics…


Not creepy at all… >_<

Anyway, that’s the earworm that’s been in my head the past few weeks. I’ve always found it confusing how people dedicate this song to other people on their birthday.  Do they not even listen to the lyrics? I mean, the lyrics that are stuck in my head are repeated twice at the end. It’s a break-up song.  A song about heartache, and slightly stalker-ish. How is this a birthday song to dedicate to your sibling, parent, cousin, whatever! on their birthday?  It’s just weird. The only time this is acceptable to dedicate to someone on their birthday is if you’re sending it out to an ex-partner and you’re feeling the pangs of the breakup but (as the ending lyrics say) you wish them “good luck and wishes” on their birthday. It’s still a little creepy though.


2 thoughts on “Let me sing you…

  1. Most people don’t listen to lyrics, don’t hear dialogue, don’t look to see there are trash cans in the background of their photographs. Most are too busy looking at their cell phones to notice the rest of life or even talk to one another. Happy New Year! I can’t believe the year is ending. Seems like it only just started.


    • Happy New Year to you too!

      I’d agree about the cell phones but this has been dedicated as a birthday song since its inception and that was way before cell phones were even a thing. I think that not listening to lyrics has been around for a long time…


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