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Giving in and giving up

So I’ve answered this prompt  before.  My old answer is still on the grid if you want to read it.  The prompt asks us to: Tell us about something you’ve tried to quit. Did you go cold turkey, or for gradual change? Did it stick?


This “healthy” cereal has at least three forms of sugar in the first ten ingredients.

So, it’s been a couple of years (Feb 2014) since I answered this prompt, and believe it or not, I thought about it a lot afterwards.  When I first wrote about this, I honestly thought that I didn’t have an addictive personality. That I couldn’t become addicted to anything. But in the past couple of years since, I’ve come to realize that I am addicted to a couple of things… I might have written about this since, but I’m not sure.  I am absolutely addicted to sugar.  It’s something I cannot cut out of my diet no matter how much I try.  It’s not like I eat it out of the sugar bowl by the spoonful or anything, and my daily caloric intake is pretty small — between 1600-1800 calories most days.  But I’ve tried going “sugar free” and that’s just not happening. I’m physically addicted to it. I go through physical withdrawal if I don’t get enough sugar.  And here’s the kicker, our bodies need sugar to live.  Now, don’t write me about which sugars are which. I know about sugars. I read labels, and don’t buy any food that list more than two kinds of sugar on the label. And I definitely don’t buy anything that has more than two forms of sugar in the first five ingredients, especially if it’s supposed to be “healthy”.


Chocolate & Coffee

That being said, I do like my sweets. I prefer my sugar in the form of chocolate whenever I crave anything more than the two spoonfuls of table sugar I put in my coffee in the morning — which is what I usually have. But I also like baked goods — donuts, muffins, cookies, etc… Unfortunately, anything gotten at a bakery is “glazed” and that’s just too much sugar… blech.  I like to bake myself but I’m the only one who eats sweets in the house and even if I cut every recipe in half, that’s still too many baked goods lying around for one person to eat. They don’t keep as well as I like and I hate throwing them out because they’ve sprouted mold. Don’t talk to me about freezing them, I don’t think that muffins freeze well.



So, I know that I cannot give up sugar. Nor do I really want to really. I tried to “cleanse” myself of it once and after a day or two said, “Nah. This isn’t gonna fly.” I cannot stand the taste of any of the sugar alternatives with one exception and that’s aspartame, and that’s only in Diet Coke.  I don’t know what kind of VooDoo magic they use to make Diet Coke, but I can’t get enough of that stuff. So I guess y’all can say that I’m addicted to it too. Now, what’s weird about that is that I did quit drinking all things soda — I didn’t drink soda at all — not an ounce of it, for almost a decade. Then one day I just started drinking it again. I can’t even tell you why. I did the same thing with coffee — didn’t drink any coffee for nearly three years. Just looked at the cup in my hand and said, “Why am I drinking this stuff?” set it down and walked away. Then one day said to myself, “I feel like having some coffee”, and was a coffee drinker again. What’s weird about that was that when I quit, I drank a little coffee with my cream and sugar, now I drink it black with two teaspoons of sugar, if I put sugar in it at all.  Don’t ask me to explain the change, even I don’t know why.

skyrim wife

What? He can make his own sandwich.

The latest thing I’ve become addicted to isn’t a food or beverage… nope, it’s mental. And I totally blame my husband for it. Y’all have seen me blog about it a time or two here because right now it takes up a huge chunk of my evenings.  I’m completely and totally addicted to Skyrim. I know, it’s been out for years and there are other games to play, but this is the first video game I’ve ever played (kind of) and I’m really enjoying it. I started out on the Playstation (4 I think) then got to about level 45 when the game got too glitchy to play so we bought an Xbox 360 (used of course) and I played to level 50-ish and the hubs wanted to switch consoles for some reason or another and thought we could save our games and move them from one console to another. That didn’t work as planned. So I started a new game on that console and played to about level 45, I think. Then I heard about modding on the computer… Well, dear reader, that just opened up a whole new world in Tamriel for me.  Because once we frankensteined his old computer into a gaming computer and I started adding mods to the game, well… let’s just say that that’s a whole nother ballgame.

me n skyrim

I can quit any time I want… just after the next level. ^_^ This was the first game… Eight months ago. hahahaha!


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