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So I did a thing…


It’s this sofa without the ottoman

Yesterday I decided that I simply don’t like the fact that the cushions of my couch are sewn to the foundation. It’s annoying and uncomfortable. So, because I’m impulsive like that, I decided to unattach them. I’ve started with the biggest cushion first because it’s the least used and if I screw it up I know I can hide whatever I do wrong. ^_^

I knew going into this that it’s going to take me a little while to finish it, but man I didn’t even get the whole cushion unattached before my body said, “Yeah, that’s enough of that.” and I had to quit for the day. This is the chaise lounge part of the couch, so the cushion doesn’t have just four sides, it has six sides. So I ripped the all of the seams except where it’s attached to the back of the couch and I’ll be tackling those as soon as I’m done here.  Now I also knew that if they were sewn together that there was probably no bottom to the cushion, and I was right, so I’m gonna have to go into my stash and pull out some heavy fabric to fashion a bottom for these. It will definitely not match the faux leather top, and I’ll probably take the tufting out because really I don’t care for it.  There’s really no need for it and since I had to put supportive inserts in half the cushions anyway (It’s a cheap couch) half of them don’t have it anymore.


Seriously… what was I thinking?

It’s going to take me a while to do every cushion. Sigh. I did figure out this morning while I was lying in bed doing my morning “what hurts today?” inventory that if I’da taken the stupid cushion out of the thing yesterday, it would have gone a lot easier.  Duh! They have zippers despite being attached. But no, I’m a moron who decided that wrestling with the cushion for two hours was the only way to do this right. >_< That’s why my back hurts again and why I’ll have to do this nice and slow.

In other news, the soap thing I talked about the other day is still totally working. My back may hurt now, but I’m still totally sleeping through the night without waking up because of back and/or leg pains. I still can’t believe it myself, but I’m not going to argue with success. And trust me, getting a good night’s sleep is very helpful when it comes to one’s well being. Otherwise, why would I think I have the energy to take on kinda/sorta reupholstering my stupid sofa? ^_^


2 thoughts on “So I did a thing…

  1. Willow if you run into problems, let me know. I might be able to help. As for the tufting, it’s there to hold the fabric (corners) in place, this way the corners will stay where they are suppose to be. As you said, it’s a rather cheap piece of furniture.


    • So I got it off and scrounged up a moving blanket from when we moved… which isn’t doing us any good and used the bit of material that was just lying there to cut out a bottom for the cushion. I hand sewed it to the bottom… took me about two hours all told but I got it done. I’m thinking that it’s so tight it’s not gonna slip anywhere. Tomorrow I’ll do the next cushion on the chaise part.

      I stapled the fabric on the front to the front board because it’s loose, but the back and side is sewed pretty tight. If it gets loose later, I’ll staple those parts too.

      We knew it was cheap when we bought it. ^_^ But with the furbabies we figured we’d just buy something that’s gonna last a few years and worry about quality later… when we can afford it. I just don’t like that everything’s attached. It bugs me, and I don’t know why.


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