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In the LIBRARY??? O_o

So the daily prompt asks us to talk about something we read in the paper as if if were the headline of the front page.  Now, as a general rule, I don’t read the newspaper. It’s not good for my blood pressure or my mental stability. But, I live in a small town right now, away from the hustle and bustle and high crime rate of the big cities. So I do subscribe to the local Facebook page, which links to the county website, which publishes the police blotter, and that occasionally gives me the giggles. This weekend was no exception:


On January 8th around 12:30PM a caller reported three unwanted subjects in the men’s restroom, possibly two males and one female, with on (sic) of the subjects unclothed.  They were asked to leave but did not respond. Two had previously been trespassed from the library for one year. An officer responded and trespassed two subjects from the library.


Leave it to the public… >_<

Now, there are various reasons why one could be “unclothed” in a bathroom. I, at one time went hiking up a mountain with a couple of friends of mine — back in my younger days — and we got caught in a rainstorm. We made the rookie mistake of continuing our hike up the mountain rather than beating feet down the mountain because there was a restaurant at the top and “it was shorter” going up than down.  Big mistake. By the time we reached the top, we were all in the first stages of hypothermia and had to get out of our wet clothes and dry off. The restaurant was remarkably unhelpful to us. They had “no towels” at all (which I found very unbelievable, what kind of restaurant has no towels in the entire place???). Anyway, we ended up wringing out our clothes in the sinks and standing under the hand driers in the bathroom because this was the early nineties, everyone was paper conscious and they didn’t have paper towels either. They didn’t even offer us spare cloth napkins to dry off. Assholes.

But I digress. So there’s one reason someone could end up “unclothed” in the bathroom. I mean, it was raining cats and dogs off and on all weekend. Of course it’s a nice spring-like day today… sigh… But that’s neither here nor there. Perhaps the people in the library restroom all got caught in the rainstorm and needed to get dry. ^_^ Though I’m sure if that were the reason, the people in the library would have been aware of the situation, as the people in the restaurant were aware of our situation. I mean, we asked if we could use their hand dryers for the purpose we used them for. Anyone who looked at us could tell we were cold and wet and seriously in need of heat and drying off. I think it took us a good half an hour to get warm again…

Library work study

Other evilness in the library… Library Work Study by Porter Mason.

Of course there are other reasons why there could be several people in the bathroom “unclothed” and not responding to requests to leave. All kinds of nefarious reasons. I’ll leave those to your imagination. ^_^ I do wonder why only two were “trespassed” from the library though. I also wonder which of the two it was, and for what reason? I mean were there three people or two? It says that there where “possibly” two males so does that mean there were “possibly” three people, or did it turn out there were only two (a male and a female)? If that’s the case, were these the same two who were “trespassed” from the the  library before? and if so, why “trespass” them from the library again? Shouldn’t they be tossed in the brink just to teach them a lesson?

As an aside, I’ve never heard the phrase “trespassed” used in this way until I started reading this police blotter. I’ve always considered the word the opposite, someone trespasses against you, as in trespasses on your land, or in your house, or — in the biblical sense — sins. But to be trespassed from the property I’m thinking means to be evicted from the property for a certain period of time.

Back to the story… inquiring minds want to know! Is there more going on here that meets the eye? What is it about the library bathroom that makes these two come back to it after being “trespassed” from it, risking police intervention again? What, exactly where they doing in the library of all places? On a Friday?… at lunch??? It boggles the mind.

evil laugh


In other news, I got a text message from my tenant last night about 11:30 that read, “We just pulled into the driveway and there are about 20 elk out here.” I’m like, “Holy hell. That’s a lot of elk.”  I didn’t run outside to see the elk because I’m not an idiot. Elk can be mean, but the hubs and I totally bought a security camera about a week ago and we’re waiting for someone to put it up for us (since neither of us know how to do it).  Someone was supposed to come out yesterday but it seems they’re having trouble finding an available electrician… >_<  Whenever it does get set up, if I see 20 elk on the security camera, you can bet I’ll be posting pictures of that here.


3 thoughts on “In the LIBRARY??? O_o

  1. TWENTY elk? That’s a hell of a lot of elk, in or out of a driveway.

    I also did not know that you could trespass someone. I thought they had to do the trespassing.

    We had a big crime wave in Uxbridge. Vandals damaged the awning on the deli. They had to fix it. The suspects fled.

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    • I’ve spoken to both of them since then and they both confirmed that there were at least twenty elk in and around the driveway and all over the yard. My tenant said she was afraid to get out of her car, so her boyfriend had to honk the horn and flash the lights to shoo them away. But it kinda freaked her out a little bit.


    • They both said if we’da looked out our window at the time she messaged me we probably would have seen them right outside the windows, they were that close and that many. I can’t wait to get the cameras installed. 🙂


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