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The Bored Fallacy

Bored Now

Don’t worry, I won’t turn into Evil willow

The daily prompt today asks: What bores you? And that’s actually a difficult question to answer because it’s not one particular thing that makes me bored. What I find interesting today might bore me to tears tomorrow and visa versa. As longtime readers of this blog know, I have a lot of time on my hands right now, and not by choice. It’s sometimes difficult to find things to do to fill that time. I can spend hours a day doing a project for weeks, only to set it aside for months because it’s no longer interesting, only to pick it up again later. Having too much time on my hands, no physical stamina, and no money makes for chunks of time when I’m. Just. Bored.  People point out that there are classes to take, books to read, and all kinds of stuff to do on the internet, and that’s all fine and good. But really one has to be interested in the classes that are available (and have the discipline to do self study). Brain fog prevents me from reading sometimes… Oh, I read when I can. I will read upwards to, I dunno, three books a day when my brain lets me. It has to let me first. And believe it or not, the Internet is not infinite. After awhile, it’s pretty much the same ol’ same ol’.  I end up visiting the same four or five sites hoping for something new. Please! give me something new to see! My mind craves it! I used to be on a site called Stumbleupon, but after a while even they kept sending me to places I’d already been.

bored housecleaning


Someone — whom I no longer associate with — once told me that “Only boring people get bored.”  And that person completely and totally believed that statement. Turns out (via a quick Google search) that it’s a quote… attributed to many but mostly to Ruth Burke, whoever that is. I’ve never heard of ’em.  An author I guess, since I found the attribution via Goodreads. Anyway, I think it’s a stupid assumption to believe that only boring people get bored. But it appears to be a popular one. People get bored. All kinds of people get bored. Old people, young people. Interesting people, and yes, boring people. Everyone I’ve ever met gets bored sometimes, so the assumption that only boring people get bored is just… stupid and judgemental. Bored is a state of mind. Like angry or happy, it’s not something we have control over. I don’t sit and think, I’m going to be bored for the next few hours because I want to be. It’s involuntary.   Like any other emotion.

bored entertain

Wrong answer, Yoda.

That being said… Just as we can’t do anything about our initial feeling (the being bored) we can control our reaction to that feeling.  So while I’m perfectly within my right to be bored upon occasion. I am not within my right to foist that feeling on to anyone and everyone within the sound of my voice (or text in this day and age.) Meaning, it’s my job to find ways to entertain myself. Even if that entertainment is staring out of the window and watching the birds.  That’s why I don’t blow up my Facebook (too much) with I’m bored! posts. Though I will, sometimes complain about being bored because that’s what friends and family are for, to bitch and moan to when you’ve got to get something off your chest. And sometimes the boredom is just too great. But I will try and entertain myself if I can.

I can hear my mother now, “Go outside! Read a book!” Those were her answers to us every time we complained about being bored as kids. It didn’t matter if it was pouring down rain outside, she’d say, that over and over again, “Go outside! Read a book!” ^_^  Eventually my yard will be an oasis that I can go outside and read a book in, but at the moment, it’s a work in progress. I’ll have to make do with looking out my window. Ha!


7 thoughts on “The Bored Fallacy

  1. I totally get this. I get bored in the middle of doing things, which seems to be a conundrum of sorts (or proof that the saying is actually true). Comes up out of nowhere, slaps me in the face, wraps around me like a straight-jacket and then… and only then… it drags me along the ground until Boredom decides its bored with me. Oh, and my mother never told me to read a book, but the go outside thing, yeah, that was her mantra to me.


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