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Not a day goes by…



So the prompt today asks us: What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it. And I’m going to sound like the biggest narcissist in the world, but my favorite person is me, and I’ve never been apart from me (that I know of). So that’s pretty easy to answer. See, I realized a long time ago, when I was about ten or so that everyone else in my life is pretty much temporary. No one stays. Like, no one. Even my honey bunny (the hubs) will be gone from my life eventually by death or circumstance or I from his. That’s just the way life is. Nothing anyone can do about it. So I’d better learn to like my own company or I was destined to be one lonely person.

So, I did. Learn to like myself that is. I think I was destined from the beginning to be an introvert which helped.  Don’t get me wrong, I like people and enjoy having friends. I don’t go into every friendship thinking, “Well, this isn’t going to last.”  I just know — way back in the darkest corners of my mind — that everything is temporary. Everything. So it takes a lot for me to form a deep lasting bond to anyone or anything.  I mean, when the hubs eventually does leave by death or circumstance, I’m going to be devastated, but (and this is going to work against me when questioned by the cops, I just know it) I’m already resigned to the fact that he, and everyone else in my life — in everyone’s life — isn’t a permanent fixture.

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We’ve actually had this conversation almost verbatim

But, to answer the spirit of the prompt… the hubs and I spent a good two weeks apart when he moved up to Seattle before me to start looking for a job whilst I stayed in New Mexico to finalize selling the house. It wasn’t traumatic nor did I spend the two weeks pining away for him.  Why? because we’re adults and we’re old enough to know that we don’t have to be attached at the hip every hour of every day in order to prove our love to each other. We called regularly to check up on each other and assure the other that we were, indeed, still alive, but other than that, it was life as usual until we reunited in Seattle.


5 thoughts on “Not a day goes by…

  1. My mother once asked me who was first on my “most loved” list … and I said my son. She said “put yourself on top because if you don’t, no one else ever will.” She was right. But I thought, at the time, it was shocking to hear her say it.

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    • Yeah that’s how I feel too. You’ve got to put yourself first, then love those closest to you. Not just because if you don’t no one else will but because if you don’t love yourself or take care of yourself, then it’s harder to love anyone else.


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