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Ohh shiny

So, I’ve been a little distracted the last couple of days.  Nothing world shattering or anything, but frustrating and time consuming. I’ve posted before that I’m slightly addicted to the game Skyrim. I really am a little obsessed with building the perfect game, and with all of the wonderful mods out there that modify the original game and erase minor annoyances, build new lands and modify vanilla (original) places, Tamriel is my oyster to play with. Normally, I’ll play a character, get to about level 30, maybe 40 then it’s *yawn* this is pretty much the same ol’ same ol… and I’ll want to try something different, so I’ll try a new game with a different character and different mods. But the other day I realized that I was basically playing the same character but slightly different. So I decided in a moment of brilliance to completely uninstall all of the mods I had — well over 100 — and start from scratch. Ha! Brilliant!


angry computer

It’s been a frustrating ordeal

Now, one cannot just add mods willy-nilly. Nope, in order to do this right and not bork the game, I have to read exactly what each one modifies in the game,  how it will affect the game play, if it conflicts with any other mod I might have, and so on. And! if it does conflict with any other mod I might have, then I need to see if there’s a “patch” for that, and download that patch. If there’s isn’t a patch then it’s up to me do decide which mod I want more. ^_^ Then, I like to read the comments section on each mod to see if other players have had any real problems (not whiny: “Why doesn’t this work???? I didn’t bother reading the description and FAQ section. I just want you to answer my question.” posts) with the mod and see if there are solutions to said problems should there be any. It’s taken me two days (I’m into my third day now) to rebuild the game in a completely different way than I had it before… At the moment, I have about 120 mods and 150 “plugins” which are mostly updates and patches to said mods. The game allows up to 250 mods I believe, and I’ve read on the forums of people who have that many. I’m doing okay with 120-ish.

Now, I tried to be smart about this, so after I downloaded a few mods here and a few mods there, I ran them all through a few programs that are meant to sort them in a specific order to avoid conflict, look through them to find errors, and notify me of conflicts and help me resolve the conflicts. This process takes a lot of time to do right because there are several steps in each program and once the last program is run, I have to go back to the first program and see if everything worked correctly.  But if I don’t want to kill my game, it’s totally worth it. So, every few downloads, I did take the time to do that. I thought I had it all ready to go. I was all, “Let’s get this puppy started!”

Ha!  Double Ha!


I get to stare at this for five minutes… >_<

I must have missed something, because the game simply Will. Not. Start. 😦   So, for the last five hours, I’ve been looking on the forums, running checks, looking back at the mods I’ve downloaded, and running more checks, tweaking files, and doing everything I’m supposed to do to prevent the game from doing what it’s doing — called the Infinite Loading Screen.  At least I progressed from last night where it was crashing directly after loading. *sigh* I found out what was causing that (one stupid little stray file was were it shouldn’t be…) Right now, I’m taking a break from it so I don’t throw the keyboard and/or mouse at my television set. ^_^ I hate it when I do everything right and something still doesn’t work. All of the aforementioned programs say that everything is Kosher, that we’re all set. No conflicts and everything is green. But! The game still won’t start. I’m sure that I’m missing one little thing, just like last night, and it’s that one little thing that will make the game work, but that means I’ll have to start going through all 120 mods to see what I missed and that’s going to take some time. Blarg.

skyrim dragon

I want to kill me some dragons!

But! I have no one to blame but myself. I’m the one who decided it would be a good idea to rebuild my world into something new and different and the only way to do that is to start from scratch. It really is the best way because the way the program works, even if I uninstalled the mods I used before, the makers of the game wrote it so that the program will keep parts of the mod in the game itself. So uninstalling all of the mods, deleting all of my saved games, and redownloading the game was the best way to start over. I honestly didn’t think it would take three days though. A few hours, six, maybe eight. But damn, it’s been well into eighteen hours now (I didn’t spend all day on this! I’m not that obsessed. ^_^).  I’m hoping that I won’t have to spend more than two or more figuring out why it’s not working, then I can get down to the nitty gritty of playing.

Like I said, not Earth shaking, nor ground breaking. Just frustrating and headache inducing.  I’m even considering jumping into trying to create a mod or two myself. Maybe. Someday.


4 thoughts on “Ohh shiny

  1. I’m sorry that you’re not getting Skyrim up and running. I’ve heard similar stories of mods not allowing the game to be played. I play it on the XBox 360, so I really only play the vanilla version. Again, I’m sorry it’s not loading up, and I hope you can get your boots onto the soil of Tamriel soon.


    • Eh, after five hours of not finding what was causing it, I scrapped the whole thing (again), deleted the entire game and all of the mods off of the computer, made sure everything was deleted this time, and started from scratch. Luckily, Steam will let me download Skyrim onto my computer as often as I need it, and Nexus (where I get the mods) will let me download the mods as often as I need them too. So… the process begins again. Since I’ve already done the research, it’s not going to take as long, but I’m taking a different approach to see if I can isolate the problem. I will be playing soon!

      If you ever get the chance to mod the game, you should try it… it opens up a whole new world.

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    • I think I tried Caesar one or the other a long time ago, but never got into it because my village kept burning to the ground before I could get decent walls up. Every. Single. Time. >_< It was annoying as hell. I think I'm just bad at strategy games.


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