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Funny you should ask…


Totally true

So the daily prompt asks us: Your life without a computer: what does it look like?  Though the title specifically mentions blogs… Here’s the thing.  Even when I’m planning for days and months of no power should things go topsy-turvy and the world turn upside down, I still have contingent plans for powering at least my small electronics (smart phones, Kindles, laptops, etc… )  Why? Because even if the the world turns upside down, the satellites up in space will still be floating and sending out signals and one of the first things people will do is start trying to connect with other people. Oh sure, the cable will be down and television will most likely be a thing of the past, but the Internet? That’s where people connect nowadays. It’s what we know to do. So, honestly? life without our computers? I don’t think it’s possible anymore.

Having said all of that, I grew up before computers, so I know that it is possible.  I know they’re not necessary to live, that should the world start ending around me, I don’t need a computer, hand held or otherwise to function daily, because people lived their lives for thousands of years without them.  And if there’s one thing I have faith in, it’s the ability of the human race to adapt quickly to any situation. So even though it’s difficult for us to go backwards… I know we can.

angry computer

It’s a love/hate relationship

To answer the question honestly, my life without computers would be mostly sitting around, reading books, watching television, crafting, and cleaning. Maybe I’d get some yard work done if my body will let me… Basically what I did when I was about nineteen and newly married the first time. Back when I thought being a housewife would be the bomb (it wasn’t everything I thought it would be). The only differences would be that this time I’m older and more fragile.  I also don’t have children underfoot so I have even more free time on my hands (joy!) >_<  I have cable this time so I have even more channels on the television I don’t want to watch or even more stations who are showing the same thing they showed yesterday.  And this time I would have a Kindle to read books one. I’m assuming that a Kindle that just acts as an ereader doesn’t count as a “computer”, but if it does, I know how to read a book, and we have a few hundred of those lying about too.


Same could be said for most of my “hobbies” ^_^

To be completely honest, the computer is a huge time suck and I would get a lot more accomplished with it off, but… contrarily, I’d also find different time sucks like reading and knitting if I wasn’t on the computer.  It’s all in what you consider an “appropriate” time suck. Some people would argue that knitting is better because at least one has something to show for it in the end, but I say as long as someone is doing something that one likes, than anything you’re doing is okay… so long as no one gets hurt by you doing it. I literally have no demands for my times right now. I have to take care of my pets and keep the house clean, and that’s about it. I’m not going to spend my days staring at the walls because society says I shouldn’t play video games or be on the computer all day but should instead do something “productive”. I did productive when I was able. Now I’ll fill my time with whatever I want.  Right now (as I may have mentioned) I’m all about trying to build the perfect game of Skyrim.  I kinda need the computer for that. If I don’t have a good gaming computer, it would be impossible for me do build the perfect game.  And I will do that, without guilt (okay, there’s a little guilt…)

But! if all computers everywhere died tomorrow… well then, I do know how to knit, crochet, sew, and read. I know enough about gardening to be dangerous. I can cook without looking up a recipe on the internet. I even know how to can and dry food.  I have all kinds of books on putting up food — paper books even.  Right now, we only have enough food and water to last us a week, a week and a half if we stretch it, but I’m working on it. So seriously, while I would be inconvenienced if all computers everywhere died tomorrow, I’d fill my time. Getting my meds filled, that might be a different story. I only have the three… but I kinda need them.


4 thoughts on “Funny you should ask…

  1. In that post apocalyptic world, I would just be an old woman, looking for enough light by which to read … and an old typewriter on which to write. Would I survive? With all the physical issues I have? Unlikely. That’s why there weren’t so many old folks in the past. We died.


    • True enough. I think I would last a couple of years since my meds don’t keep me alive so much as stable. I have a typewriter and ribbons, not to mention a plethora of notepads and writing utensils (I hoard them… just in case). As for light… I’ve been looking into getting some hurricane lamps to supplement my utility candles.


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