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I thought it was funny

But y’all may not. The daily prompt asks us what the last thing was that gave us a good laugh, and serendipitously  it was my cat, Mister, this very morning.  I honestly don’t know what was freaking him out. But he started acting like a little year old kitten this morning, tearing about the house and “attacking” the dogs. This was odd because he’s normally a chill cat that doesn’t get phased by much of anything. I mean, honestly, I’ve never had such a mellow cat. We get along fabulously. Anyway, we threw some wadded up paper out for him to attack instead of the dogs (it’s the only thing he’ll play with, and I have a bin of toys to prove it) and he pounced on those with all four claws.  His behavior started to worry my dog, Brandy, but I thought it was amusing to to watch so I pulled out my phone and started to film him… here:

(It’s short… watch it)

Now, he’s not freaking out in the video, but his eyes glow, as cat’s eyes will do in videos.  And for some reason I found that amazingly funny. Maybe because it’s been such a stressful few days around here… It’s a long story and not mine to tell… But that could be what’s making Mister freak out a bit I really don’t know. But that’s the last thing that gave me a good laugh.

Speaking of pets and giggles, just yesterday, I was watching a video of pets walking attempting the stairs and my dog, Brandy, who never gets interested in anything on the television, like, ever, decided that she just had to know why all of these dogs were whining. So she watched the video with me. It was cute. Here’s a picture of that. 🙂

brady tv5

Stairs are hard


4 thoughts on “I thought it was funny

  1. Huny (my dog) heard you talking to the cat in your short vid clip and decided she needed to add her thoughts..so she’s in the other room barking randomly. They do amuse us, don’t they? 🙂 Thanks for the smile!


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