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Things that happen to me…

So, the other day my dog woke me up because someone knocked on our door at the ungodly hour of 8:45 in the morning.  I’m usually up about 8:30, but I’ve been tired lately and sleeping in until 9:00 am. Probably because my mind isn’t shutting down until well after 3:00 am and I need at least a good six hours of sleep to be at all functional.  So anyway there’s a knock on my front door and my dog, Brandy does what she does best, which is to let everyone in the house know that someone is at the door.  That’s her job, and she does it well.

people outside

Totally not helping…

So I put my robe on and stumble to the door.  Now my room, dear reader, isn’t very far from the front door. It’s barely a minute’s walk, maybe.  By the time got to the door, the person who was at the door was gone. So I shambled into the living room and turned the monitor on for the camera — we bought a cheap-o security camera setup a little while back — and saw that whomever it was was halfway down the driveway. Since his back was turned to me, I couldn’t identify him.  This person didn’t have a car, so I assumed it was my tenant’s recently ex boyfriend (also known as my former tenant). Since the person was walking away and therefore not really a threat or a bother anymore, I checked the alarm and went to back to bed.

But then I got to thinking, why would my former tenant come all this way (we live in a small town far from the maddening crowd, and he doesn’t have a car) just to knock on our door and leave? Whoever it was didn’t knock on my tenant’s door. Just ours.  So I went back through our security camera’s footage and found the part where this person comes to the door.  It was an older guy, someone I don’t recognize, and obviously not our former tenant. Anyway, he came down the road, walked all the way down our driveway, walked around my SUV which is parked to the far side of the driveway away from the door, walked up to our door, knocked, heard the dog barking, and then turned around and walked away.  Just like that.


It’s a long driveway is what I’m saying

Now, see, if I lived in a city or a bigger town, or even in a neighborhood with houses all around me, this would not strike me as an odd thing. I’d be like, He musta had the wrong house. But we live at the end of a long road which ends in a cul-de-sac. We’re the only house you can see at the end of the cul-de-sac. The road which comes to our house is lined on one side by highway. I can see the cars from my window, and on the other by sporadic houses and private roads that lead to houses.  It’s not an overpopulated area, but there are houses between the main road and our house.  If he’d broken down along the road to our house, he had other houses, closer to the road, to go to before coming to ours.  I don’t think that was the case though, because I didn’t see a car in the cul-de-sac or anywhere on the visible road.  On the video, he looked like he meant to come here. I just don’t know why, because he didn’t stay long enough for me to answer the door. He hasn’t come back this way, so maybe he did have the wrong house. Maybe he knew the previous owners, which is why he looked at the SUV so closely.  But he pretty much ignored the bright blue Mustang… which was weird.

Anyway, the whole thing is still bugging me, and probably will for a day or two.  I think it would have bugged me a little even if my tenant and former tenant weren’t going through their break-up, because I’m just wired that way. But with all that’s going on with them, it just kinda pushed my paranoid button. ^_^  I think what was odd, was he kept looking at things.  Like we have a makeshift fence at the end of our driveway and he just looked at it. Like, inspected it. When he walked around the SUV he was looking at it, not glancing… looking.  WTF are you looking at/for, dude? At least he could have waited for someone to answer the door.  That would have been the polite thing to do after waking everyone up. Asshole.


6 thoughts on “Things that happen to me…

  1. Ok that is definitely creepy/suspicious and I would be paranoid too! You should definitely report it to the police, show them the security camera footage perhaps?
    Stay safe!


    • I downloaded and saved the video of his coming to the door and leaving. I asked my tenant if she knew who he was and she said she didn’t. Technically there’s no law against knocking on someone’s door.


  2. Actually I’m glad he didn’t wait. Unless you’re like me and have a security storm door in addition to your wooden/front door. To me it sounds like this person was sketchy and was looking for some place to break into. When he heard the dog, he left. Burglars do that. Even teeny dogs who make a lot of noise will scare that sort of individual away. Since he saw the cars in your drive, he had to know someone was home and i’m surprised he didn’t just leave then. And if it were me? I’d call the cops and report it. Just because the guy acted so oddly and was checking out even your fence. Nobody lost does shtuff like that. Sorry you got woken up early though. Me? I ignore ’em. If it’s important they’ll come back later or they can forget it. I’m real nasty when I’m woken early and most folks know better than to try to engage me. I’m also glad everyone was safe. :O !!

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    • Hmmm… I didn’t think about the burglar angle. Makes sense though. Interesting that he didn’t notice the security camera if he was a burglar though. I told the hubs I want another camera outside because we only have the one right now and it’s pointed down the driveway. I want on covering the front of the house, including the front door. That way, everything in front of the house is covered.


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