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It’s a matter of numbers



The daily prompt asks us: Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? Why? And I can honestly say that it’s really a matter of numbers here.  I mean, if I were giving a speech in front of twenty people, I’m fine.  Ten people, I’m all over it like white on rice. I’ve given class lectures in the not so distant past, and I owned those lectures as they like to say nowadays.  No shakes, no trembling voice, no stumbling over words… nothing. But, make that audience more than thirty people, and yeah… that’s when I get a little nervous.

Strangely, I was in the drama club way back in the day. Yes, dear reader, I was a drama geek! I sang in the choir too. I acted in four plays total in my high school career and I had no problems donning a persona that wasn’t mine and stepping into the spotlight. Nope, I rocked as a high school actor. Over the years, I considered joining my community theater more than once, but never really stuck around a community to even audition. Now, I think I’m beyond acting.  But that’s neither here nor there. Speaking in front of an audience is way different than acting in front of an audience. When one is acting, they’re putting on makeup and a costume and pretending to be someone else. When one is speaking, they’re standing up in front of an audience in their full glory (as the title of the prompt suggests) naked with black socks.  No make up, no costumes, no persona to hide behind. Just me and the audience.  I’ve done both, and honestly, I prefer speaking over acting. But, as I mentioned, it really depends on the size of the audience I’m speaking to.

bond kill

It’s also good to have an exit strategy…

The reason numbers make a difference is that the smaller the crowd the more personable I can make my presentation.  I’m a friendly person by nature and I like to give interactive presentations.  My dream at one time was to be a English instructor. I wanted to teach English to adults, and so my style of presentation in almost any venue was basically a “teaching” style. It didn’t really matter what I was presenting, I could smile and interact with a smaller crowed easier than with with a huge auditorium. It’s easier to ask questions of individual people rather than toss out, “Has anyone here…?” questions that I’d have to do when faced with a massive audience.  The bigger the crowd, the more impersonal everything becomes, and the more nervous I become.  I think I’ve given two speeches in front of large crowds. One was just me, and the other was a group presentation. My hands shook the entire time. Once I had a podium to hold on to, so that was helpful.  Inside, I was nervous and wanted to bolt. Outside, I was smiling and joking and (hopefully) cool as a cucumber. I didn’t get any bad reviews for my “performance” either time, so I guess I did okay. ^_^  But if I need to speak in front of people, I prefer the audience to be under thirty people. Then I’m good. Ten is better. ^_^


As an aside, has anyone else had trouble with the preview function of this stupid editor??? I hit “preview” and it gives me, like, the first five words of my post. How the hell am I supposed to preview and edit my post with the first five words only? I can’t tell where the pictures are, how the words are wrapping around them, or how anything looks with only the first words displayed. WTF is up with that, WordPress??? >_<


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    • I don’t know if it’s because I use Chrome or what, but the old editor gave me a window that was teeny tiny and very difficult to work with. I like size of the window with this editor, but the stupid preview button isn’t working right. Since I don’t pay for using WordPress, I’m not bitching too much, but they should take some pride in their work.


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