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Re-read a book? Are you mad?

Just kidding.  I’ve kinda sorta answered this prompt before. I thought it sounded familiar.  The prompt asks: Tell us about a book you can read again and again without getting bored — what is it that speaks to you? And, as in the first answer, I must excuse myself so I can laugh hysterically.

Pardon me.


Yeah… There isn’t one book above all of the others in the entire world that I can read over and over again without getting bored. No, I’m the type of reader that will finish a book, stop for a moment, and then I’ll flip it back to the front page and start reading again. If a new book for a series comes out, I will read the entire series again to “catch up” to the new book.  Since I’m a fairly fast reader, it doesn’t take long.  Three, maybe four days at the most, depending on how long the series is. I believe I’ve read the Mercy Thompson series about four, maybe five times now.  Could be more I think I started reading the series at book five?  I dunno.  I’ve read her Alpha and Omega series (not as long, set in the same world) a few times too.

no two persons

And I never read the same book twice.

But, here’s the thing, the reason why I read quickly, the reason why I’ve always read quickly is because I read in a way that I’ve always called “skip reading” also known as scanning or skimming. It’s the way I learned to read as a child and the only way I know how to read, unless I’m reading out loud (even then I have to really concentrate to not skip words).  While it’s useful for reading quickly, it also means I tend to miss things. So I can be three chapters in and wonder why the heck this character suddenly has X when they didn’t before.  Flip a few pages back. Oh, because they picked up X in chapter 2. That explains it. Ha! Makes reading murder mysteries interesting, that’s fersure. ^_^ This also means that in any consecutive read through, I will read things that I probably missed the previous reading. It’s like reading a whole new book sometimes. Oh, well, look at that, X is Y’s long lost lover.  I totally missed that. That puts things in a different perspective, doesn’t it?  

Of course, reading a book more than once means I can totally skip over the boring parts (and trust me, even the better books have boring parts).  For example, the authors of the Kate Daniels series have built an interesting world with great characters that I totally sympathize with. However, Oh my God! in every single book they feel the need to explain this world to the reader, and how it works, why everything is the way it is, etc… It’s way too much exposition!  It’s not only boring, but it’s unnecessary. No one really needs to know why the world of Kate Daniels is the way it is or how and when it came to be that way… We just need to know that it is. Plus, the sex scenes in that series are mediocre at best. I like to think that they only throw them in because their editors make them. The stories work so much better without them. The great thing about reading a book more than once is that I can skip both the boring exposition and the lackluster sex scenes.  It’s a win/win situation.


Since I was a child

So, to get back to the question at hand… there isn’t one book in the world above all the other books in the world that I turn to again again to read. I know of a few books that I will never read again because once was enough. And a few that I never finished reading, they were so awful, but honestly, most good books deserve more than one reading. That’s my own personal opinion. I know people who can’t read a book more than once, nor can they watch a movie they’ve already seen. My hubs watches television like I read books. I don’t tend to watch television that way. But each person has their own way.

When it comes to choosing a book book to read, I’ll usually just thumb through either my e-book library or my physical library until my eye falls upon a title that catches my mind’s attention. It doesn’t matter if I’ve read it or not. It’s kinda like scanning the shelves of the pantry or the fridge… Books are food for the brain. I won’t turn down a burger because I’ve eaten it before. I’ll take off the bits I don’t like if they’re present (lettuce, etc…) but the burger is still as tasty as the last burger I ate and the next one will be just as good. It’s the same with books.


6 thoughts on “Re-read a book? Are you mad?

  1. I’m not a serial skipper but I’m definitely a serial forgetter, so why not have another go. Must admit I do now skip endless dissertations about clothing and which streets the hero took to get where through cities I’ve visited and am never likely to. And sex scenes. All a bit ho-hum these days. Probably chucked in to up the word count, now that books apparently have to be thick enough to make reading them in bed an upper-body workout.

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    • Since I do most of my reading via ebook these days, the size of the book doesn’t matter much to me. 🙂 But I think editors do put pressure on writers to pad their stories a bit to up the word count (and get more readers).

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    • I know, right, but that also means you’ll miss why the author felt the need to explain the importance of this particular brand of denim, which might be integral to the plot. ^_^ Don’t worry though, you’ll catch it on the next reading.

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