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I was just thinking today

pinterst afraid

Stuff ’em with paper for fire starters.

That I do odd things.  I guess you could even say it’s quirky (a la the daily prompt). I’m a crafty type person; I’m also a thrifty type person. But I go through cycles of both. So I’ll save things in case I need them “someday” but then I’ll have days like today when the clutter gets to be too much and I purge my surroundings of anything I haven’t used in the past however long its been since the last purge and the whole mess of it just goes in the trash (or recycle… or trash… it depends on my mood).  If I had a working fireplace or woodstove, or even a burn barrel, I’d be burning paper right and left today. Because I want it gone! GONE! Get it all out of my house and out of my sight. All of it! Rar!  I don’t even know what possessed me to start saving it in the first place…  Okay, I do, but it’s moot now because my wood stove is defunct and I have no place to burn it. *sigh*

So everything goes… Until the next time I’m feeling crafty.  And thrifty. And start saving things to use down the road for projects I’ll get to… and I will get to them…

Someday. ^_^


4 thoughts on “I was just thinking today

  1. I do that with clothing. Anything I haven’t work in two appropriate seasons (two winters, two summers, etc.) goes. Out. Gone. And suddenly, for a few glorious weeks, I can find my stuff. Then, mysteriously, the space fills up again. It’s a kind of reverse magic.

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