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So yesterday

While I was all comfussled (it’s a word that I use often) over life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, I happened to glance out of my back window.  A habit that I’ve gotten into lately because it makes me smile.  A while back I posted pictures of Chikadees having fun and making themselves at home in my back yard but yesterday it was robins.  Lots of robins.


Bunches of robins. I think there’s six in this picture.

I’ve never seen so many robins in one place before. I dunno what a gathering of robins is called… A flock I guess (google says I’m right). But it was nifty to see so many pecking away at the my yard. Eventually there will be flowers out there and trees, and those blackberry bushes will be gone. That’s a burn pile right there in the middle in case y’all didn’t know.


They seemed to be having fun

But, aside from the flock of robins that were all over the back yard, I noticed this guy up on the wall of the — eventual — chicken coop.


And I was all… “That’s not a robin.”

Looks like a woodpecker to me, just by the way he (I’m assuming it’s male by the plumage) is hanging on to the building. And it looks like it’s this guy… A Northern Flicker. And, he brought some friends.


I think there were three woodpeckers altogether

I wish I’da caught a picture of them flying because their wings are orange underneath and it looked way cool. But they had a grand ol’ time eating bugs from the downed logs and, it seems, from the building they were sitting on.  Still, I caught a few pictures of the cheeky devils.


He’s handsome and he knows it. ^_^

I think it’s neat to have all of these birds in my yard.  Eventually, I’ll have more trees planted for them so hopefully I’ll have more places for them to land on and feed from than the burn pile in the middle of the field. Even with the bit of wildness out there though, the windows still lend me a great opportunity to look outward and smile.



2 thoughts on “So yesterday

  1. I was just about to say “flicker” when you beat me too it. The last time we had that many robins was when we had a massive grub infestation in our front lawn. A flock of robins … maybe 50 of them … swept down and gorged on grubs, then flew away fat and happy. And the lawn was saved!


    • I’m surprised anything is still alive in our grass with all of the flooding. It’s so wet out there you can see holes from where the deer’s feet sink down at night. I swear I saw a bear’s paw print big as day just the other day. I’m afraid to walk out where these birds are, it’s so saturated.


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