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Oh look, a flare

So, my chest hurts again, but I have an interesting new (well relatively new) symptom where it hurts just behind my right breast with a nice, sharp pain, like someone’s stabbing me with a knitting needle back there.  Hurts like hell. Google says it’s probably a referred pain from the chronic Costochondritis, so I’m not running to the hospital just yet because there does seem to be a correlation between the two.  But it hurts.

support bras

I need me some of these

This may be TMI for you gents, but looks like I’ll be bra shopping again. I bought a bunch of front close bras when my shoulder went on me, and they helped a lot, but it appears that the under wires aren’t helping with this pain — or the chest pain — at all.  I’m not as well endowed as I used to be. I lost a whole cup size when I lost a bunch of weight a few years back, but they’re big enough to need supporting or they hurt like a motherfucker if I don’t. Plus it puts strain on the back (and chest) if I don’t wear a bra every day.  Thank goodness I’m not so big I have to wear one at night anymore. That was a pain. I know how to fit myself, I just need a willing participant, so I have to finagle the hubs into taking my measurements and making sure he’s putting the measuring tape in the right place.  Plus, one of the animals got to some of the bras I bought and chewed the straps.  They’re pretty much useless now.  I know they make sports bras in my size (Hallelujah!), but they offer no real support and squish my boobs.  (Sorry again, guys if this is TMI).  They’re way comfortable to wear, but by the end of the day, I always feel achy whenever I wear them.


Different types of willow branches (from linked website)

But enough about bras… I just came on to let y’all know I’m still alive and kicking.  I’ve just been in a lot of pain these past few days.  Yesterday, the hubs and I took a little day trip out to a local willow farm that’s a couple of hours north of here to buy some willow cuttings, which I will plant in the next couple of days. It’s interesting how many different types of willow trees there are. The ones we bought won’t grow very tall, about ten feet at the most, but they’ll provide a good hedge-like divide between me and the neighbors.  I think we got 15 cuttings for about $20. Plus it was a nice drive for me and the hubs… We always take the back roads on little trips like this and it’s always pretty. Also, driving on the highways around here is just an exercise in frustration. It’s maddening. I’d rather add thirty minutes onto a two hour trip and see beautiful scenery than sit in traffic and get angry with the idiot drivers on the highway.  Anyway, we had a lot of fun, just the two of us. And it was good to get out of the house for a change, despite the feeling of someone stabbing me behind the boob with a knitting needle. >_<

We were going to see that new romance movie that came out on Friday, but both of us agreed that we’re not up to the crowds this weekend.  We’ll go see it next weekend. After all, most of the reviews seem to agree that it’s living up to its hype.

 It’s a romance!


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