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Sorry I’ve been MIA

But I’ve found a new toy to play with. It’s called the Creation Kit and it’s for building new places in (you guessed it) Skyrim and other Bethesda games. But I’m only concerned with Skyrim, though eventually I might move on to other games. I do have the precursor to Skyrim, called Oblivion,  on my computer.  With this toy (and it’s free!) I can build my own player home, build a dungeon, create new worlds, add Non Player Characters (NPCs), change existing places, and do all kinds of things — in other words, modify — the world of Skyrim. Right now I’m still learning how to use it, and it’s a long process. Yesterday I spend nearly half an hour just trying to get a cooking pot lined up correctly with the stupid cooking stand, then make the whole thing look like it wasn’t floating an inch above the floor.  I’m just happy that this kit is available and I don’t have to draw everything by hand. Ha!


Not Jenassa (she’s just outside of the frame), but Florinda.

But, sitting at one thing all day every day, even if it’s enjoyable, will burn a person out, so I’ve decided that I’ll take time in the mornings to come online and do things like blog and check emails, &c… Plus, the setup I have for my gaming computer is less than ideal when it comes to actually sitting at the computer. It’s great for playing the game because the controls for the game are wireless and I can sit back on my couch and play the game, but for actual working on the computer, I need two screens, and the one screen is plugged in and doesn’t go quite as far as the couch, so there’s no real comfortable place to sit and no room for a comfy office chair like the one I’m sitting in now. We’re working on optimizing the workspace because I know that I’ll be spending hours playing with my new toy. Hours, y’all. Hours.  One loses track of time when trying to get the clutter and rubble to line up just right with the floor and walls of an ancient Nordic dungeon without it looking too cluttered and messy. There has to be room to walk after all. ^_^

But the first thing I did was add an NPC to the game, just to see how difficult it would be. And not just any ol’ NPC, an NPC that would follow me and fight by my side.  The angry lady in the pictures is called “Florinda” because that’s the name that came to mind when I was making her and for no other reason. She has a standard Skyrim voice (called FemaleSultry) because when I tried to give her a different voice type, she wouldn’t follow me. There are certain Artificial Intelligence (AI) packages linked to the voice types, which I found out by trial and error when making Florinda. I tried to give her a more commanding voice, but yeah, couldn’t get her to be my compatriot with that voice type.  Eventually, I’ll try to create a follower-type NPC with their own voice that’s not Skyrim specific but for now, I’ll stick with the ones in the Creation Kit.


Her dialog says, “Can I help you, handsome?” Her look says, “What do you want?”

Anyway, creating an NPC was fun and interesting, and there are dozens of follower mods out there, fully voiced, complete with backstories and quests attached. I’ve downloaded some of them myself. Right now I’m playing a Khajiit character (cat person) and wanted more Khajiit characters in my game so on a whim I downloaded this mod which has five Khajiit followers. Unfortunately (or not, depending on your bent) they’re all “voiced” as My Little Pony characters. I don’t know what I expected but not that. I guess it wouldn’t bother me so much except they say completely random things that make no sense at all, like the one called “Fluttershy” (the only one I have following me) keeps saying “But, it’s so… wide” for no particular reason. Luckily, she’s good with a bow, or I’d have no use for her at all.  She wears the same armor as Florinda up there… not the weird armor that’s on the “My Little Khajiit” mod home page (linked above). I mean, seriously, people how do you expect anyone to win fights in those clothes?


Srsly, dude, stop staring at me…

The maker of the mod that I use  (just a note, the maker of the video linked is not the creator of the mod, and most of his followers are fully clothed) to have more than one follower (up to seven) seems to think that everyone who plays this game is a lust-filled perv who wants their followers to run around half dressed. It’s a common misconception that a lot of these mod makers have. Oh well, at least they have some clothes on in the “bonus outfit” (the mage’s outfit in the linked video). There are mods out there (sexy Skyrim mods – yes, it’s a thing…) that take everyone’s clothes off. One of the first things I’m going to do — when I learn how — is make a multi follower mod that doesn’t have things like telling your followers to pose in weird positions or “give me some sugar” or other strange things. I use this one because it makes it so my followers don’t set off traps behind me and kill me, nor can they die if I accidentally hit them with my sword when they teleport in front of me (as they are wont to do, even in the vanilla game). I’ve lost more followers that way. Unfortunately they still tend to fight amongst themselves if one happens to hit the other with a lightning spell (despite the mod I have to prevent that), but that’s why I always have at least three, then I can grab one and tell them all to stop whatever it is they’re doing. I also like that I can “teach” my followers magic that they don’t know so they can use it in a fight and heal me if I get too low on health and heal themselves (like in the video linked). That will def be an option I keep.

plants in Bethesda

Clipping… ^_^

It’s good to be the king… er… dragonborn.


Now I’m off to keep building my own dungeon. There’s some rubble that’s clipping through the door in my dungeon, and that just won’t do. To battle!


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