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This ain’t no sitcom yanno

paint dry

It’s so exciting!

The daily prompt asks this question: When was the last time your walked away from a discussion, only to think of The Perfect Comeback hours later? Recreate the scene for us, and use your winning line. Which I find annoying for two reasons. First I hate “When was the last time…?” questions because they always make my mind go blank, and I never remember when the “last time” I did anything was — unless it was like, ten minutes ago. And second, my life isn’t a sitcom where I sit and stew over “discussions” because I didn’t have “The Perfect Comeback” to say to someone and I’m walking around in front of my husband saying… “That’s what I shoulda said to her. I’m going to call her right now and tell her that. Yeah.”  Generally when I walk away from a conversation, that conversation is over. Finito. Done. Past. I’ve moved on, and there’s no reason for me to dwell on what was said and what wasn’t said. If I think of something else to add to what I said earlier, like, “Oh yeah, I forgot about this thing when we were talking earlier, let’s pick that conversation up again.” I’ll bring it up again. But I don’t sit around, wasting my time over what could have been said or should have been said, or — worst yet — what The Perfect Comeback was.  Seriously. I have better things to do, like watch the paint dry.

Heh, I got distracted looking for an image (then Facebook) that’s how boring this prompt is. Sorry about that. Back to business…


I recommend pleasant too.

Anyway, my point is that my life, and hopefully yours, dear reader, isn’t a sitcom filled with pithy comebacks and one-upmanships where it’s all about being the most clever person in the room. That only works in sitcoms, and only for cheap laughs. Really cheap laughs. Like, lazy writing, drank all weekend so let’s throw this in there because we can’t think of anything else and we know people will laugh at this cheap laughs. It’s one of the main reason why I don’t watch those kinds of television shows as a general rule — okay, I like The Big Bang Theory… kind of, but that’s a different blog post… Anyway, I normally don’t get into shows like Friends, or How I Met Your Mother,  Sienfield, or even King of Queens which have scenes like the one described in the prompt as a major part of their repertoire.  I know those are all old, I don’t even keep up with the new ones; they’re basically the same ol’ same ol’ with different faces in different settings. Same gags, same jokes, different voices telling ’em. Yawn.  My point is, real world doesn’t work that way. Most normal people — at least the people I know and love — don’t stew over what they should have said to “win” the discussion. It’s trite and stupid, and honestly I think it’s a horrible way to live.


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