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When I was a child

Leap Year was a new and exciting thing that happened every four years. As a kid, I loved the idea behind it and I looked forward to this mysterious “leap day” that suddenly appeared on the calendar only to disappear the next year. A whole extra day? How could this be? What kind of magic was that? When I was younger, time was more fluid and I loved the idea of a day just popping on and off the calendar like it did. I never understood the math behind it, though I do grasp the concept. Neil DeGrasse Tyson will explain it to y’all in this video way better than I can.

 It’s more complicated than you think… I totally didn’t know that about the year 2000

beautiful belief

It was

Of course, growing up took some the glimmer off of Leap Year seeing as how in the United States that’s also when we collectively lose our minds over upcoming elections. Seriously, I just want to hide in a cave every four years until voting day. Then I can cast my vote and be friends with people again. I dunno if they picked Leap Year intentionally, but having election year and Leap Year happen at the same time really did kill Leap Year for me.

Also because I can’t work, the days just all seem to fade together.  I hardly even notice anymore when pretty much anything on the calendar happens, and that makes me sad. I hate when I lose my childlike sense of wonder over anything, even if it’s something as mundane as Leap Year.



6 thoughts on “When I was a child

    • It’s not *my* fault! I didn’t chose the time period between presidents, and I certainly didn’t ask our country to lose its collective mind every four years either. I’d rather still be all impressed by the mathematical acrobatics that we do to make the calendar “right” again. ^_^

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  1. I know when my bills are due, when Social Security checks come, and my calendar reminds me when I have doctor appointments … and the very rare social thing. Otherwise? When you don’t work, the days do run into each other. I understand the “technical side” of Leap Day, but why “leap?” Lords a Leaping?


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