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I want to share this picture with y’all today in response to today’s daily prompt. They’re still going with the one word thingy, and today’s word is —  “contrast”.

desktop cropped

I’ll explain in a minute…

So, looking at the picture, it doesn’t look like much. Just a glass of water on a cluttered desktop, right? And basically that’s all it is, but it’s also my computer’s wallpaper. It makes a decent wallpaper design because the areas on the left and the top are dark, so the icons show up nicely. And I thought it was interesting to have the picture of my desktop as the wallpaper for my desktop. Not really a contrast but the opposite, a blending — a connection.

I had somewhere in my mind I was going with this. All about the computers I have lying about, abandoned and unused… but I’m not feeling well these past few days, so it all came out muddled and disjointed. I’ll just leave you to stare at my mundane picture hope you enjoy it. I find it calming for some reason.

I’m gonna see if I can concentrate enough to continue to build a dungeon. To the creation kit!



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