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I Choose Voice (redux)

So, today’s daily prompt is Voice… which reminded me of a post I did about two years ago. Since that’s what it reminded me of, I’ll post it here, with a few edits to bring it up to date. The original, should you be curious, is linked above.

There’s a “red pill, blue pill” meme going around that poses this question:

Which would you chose?

Which would you chose?

I, of course, choose language. I mean, to speak the tongues of every person on Earth, how could I not choose that? Oh, my god! How wonderful would that be?  What’s interesting is a lot of people I know chose the blue pill because (and I quote) “music is the international (or universal) language”

Now, the original prompt for this post was asking about musical instruments, and I think the voice is totally a musical instrument. That’s why I would choose it over learning to “master every musical instrument in the world”.

A long time ago and far far away, I used to sing in the church choir. Yes, dear reader, I was a Christian once upon a time. I also sang in my school’s choir during middle school and high school. So, I had a semi-trained voice insomuch as choir teachers can train a voice. I never learned to read music thanks to my Dyscalculia , but I could fake it well enough to pass. Don’t get me wrong, I never had any dreams of becoming a rock star, or singer of repute. I just loved to sing.

classic Peanuts

classic Peanuts

Being in the choir taught me how to control my breathing so that I wasn’t singing from my throat.  I also learned how to harmonize.  And when my twin and I sang together we would harmonize so well that it was sweet sweet music.  I never could hold the long notes well; my sister always did a better job at that than me. I think that the most important thing I learned during choir was that that I am an alto, not a soprano, so I learned how to switch octaves so I didn’t hurt myself trying to hit the high notes I couldn’t reach. I still try though, because the high notes are so pretty. But yeah, not gonna happen. ^_^

I love to sing.  Singing is my instrument of choice. Always has been. I’ve never been interested in anything else. I like the sound of a band because it backs up the singer. I can listen to instrumental pieces, and I like them. They’re pleasant. But I love me some vocals. They don’t even have to form words. I used to love listening to the soundtracks of things like Cirque du Soleil because the vocals were awesome. Something I’ll never achieve. I know that for a fact.

I can still sing well enough that it doesn’t drive people screaming from the room. But adult onset asthma took my breath away from me a long time ago. I haven’t been able to belt ’em out like I used to when I was a kid.  Never stopped me though. The kidlings and I loved us some musicals, and we’d sing every single song!  Out loud, at the top of our lungs sometimes. I wonder that the neighbors didn’t complain… We lived in apartments mostly. But we didn’t care. We all loved to sing. Alas and alack, they’ve all moved on, and now there is a dearth of music in my life. I miss it. I truly do.

For a while after the last kidling sprouting wings and flew the nest, I still had that joyful uplifting of voice in my life. But then this other breath thing hit that took away what little the asthma left behind. Whatever it is, I can hardly walk sometimes, let alone sing….  Moving from New Mexico to Washington helped with the breathing thing a little, but only a little. I’ll let y’all in on a secret, just between all y’all and me. It got so frustrating, trying to sing and not being able to, that I just stopped. I might sing under my breath every once in a while and maybe if I get caught up in a song I’ll lamely sing out the refrain, but it’s a rare thing to hear me sing an entire song all the way through anymore. And singing along with the music used to be such an important — daily — part of my life too.

I will live this way again!

I will live this way again!

Oh, I still have music in my life. My body can’t take that away (no, stupid body, that’s not a challenge). I just can’t participate in it like I used to. So to tie this back to the first paragraph, If I could take the red pill and be able to speak every language in the world, and be able to sing as I used to. I wouldn’t even need the blue pill. I mean, imagine. Imagine the songs I would be able to sing. Holy hell, it would be amazing. Music is the universal language, and songs are music, they touch people’s souls. To be able to sing again, and fluently, to everyone. With everyone. That’s just a wow. That’s why I would choose voice, that’s why I’ve always chosen voice.

I mean, look at this video. the choir is just as important as the orchestra, and the language doesn’t matter. I dare anyone to watch it and not be touched. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

Besides, I absolutely love songs from all over the world, and will listen to them even though I don’t understand them. I mean they blow me away. My playlists have songs from Africa, Turkey, South America, the Netherlands, Russia, Israel… everywhere!  and sometimes the vocals are just amazing. Now think about it… if I could take that red pill and understand these songs, and if I had my breath back and could sing along with them… well, I’d just be in heaven.

Then again, maybe not, some of them could be singing about toilet paper for all I know ahahahaha!


6 thoughts on “I Choose Voice (redux)

  1. I’m sorry to hear that asthma impacted your voice. I never mastered singing – but played piano and other instruments long enough to appreciate those who do.


      • I certainly love singing too – I use to joke I had Madonna range – based on piano arrangements of her songs that was all an octave around middle C – I can happily pull that off! But not too much more… 😦 And a brief stint in a choir highlighted my vocal limits!


  2. Great video! It has made me doubt about the pill I took…
    Personally, I enjoyed singing bathtub opera while distracting my baby from the fact I was washing her and her hair. I should have written them down – a few were fairly decent 🙂

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