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So, I’m still kinda muddled about the thing I posted about a couple of days ago. This doesn’t happen very often, me being a “Live in the Now” kind of person. I’m not dwelling on the conversations I had nor am I fuming about what made me muddled, it’s more of — I’m just about to get over it, then something else happens that puts me right back in that frame of mind.  I blame it being an election year. Every four years, we here in the United States lose our collective minds and it just spills over into every aspect of our everyday lives. I can’t escape it unless I crawl into a (figurative) cave and wait it out until election day — which, by the way, has been my response most election years. But circumstances won’t let me get my cave groove on this election year so I’m forced to grit my teeth and bear the world.

I’m often ill-equipped to bear the world. It’s part of what makes me unable to work.

But that’s not what I came on here to talk about. ^_^

So, I’ve been sitting here for the last five minutes trying to remember what it was that I came on here to post about, but I’ve forgotten. Blah. That’s what happens when the mind is muddled. It was a happy thought, I assure y’all.

So anyway, I saw something flash by me on Facebook yesterday, but I can’t find it again. I recreated it here for your amusement. It pertains to yesterday’s daily prompthandwriting, which I covered in a previous post, but I figured y’all might find this an interesting thought.


There might be some truth to this.


Due to arthritis and a weak grip, my handwriting is shaky at best, so y’all will have to excuse the less than stellar penmanship. I used to have much better handwriting. I worked hard at it. Now it’s… meh. But at least it’s legible.  There was a time when it wasn’t.  Ah well, age catches up with all of us, right? ^_^


6 thoughts on “Random share…

  1. Why they don’t teach it anymore is beyond me. Sure, we live in an electronic age, but still… I’m sure one day, they are going to find out that cursive writing was responsible for the higher brain function in the previous generation, and all the hipsters of that age will suddenly need to implement it back into the schools, because they won’t want little Johnny being left behind by all the other ‘cool kids’ who shucked off common core and are now doing it the “old way”.

    Wait, am I ranting? Meh, probably. 😀


    • There was a short but fierce debate amongst myself and my friends about this very subject a little while back. Of course, my kids are out of school so I have no dog in this fight, but I think that cursive should still be taught. I did see a study that cited that very thing — leads to higher cognitive functioning — but don’t ask me to find it now. Not only that, but it’s damned difficult to read original documents if one cannot read cursive.

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      • That last point you made was one of the things I heard someone say. You know, the founding documents of the US were written in that, so if I don’t teach it to you, you can’t read it. Interesting point, not sure on the validity.. but interesting none the less.

        No dog in that fight, I love that phrase.


        • “I don’t have a dog in this fight” is one of my favorite idioms though it’s not very “PC” (screw that noise). But I think that the point about not being able to read original documents is valid. Handwriting is not as uniform as anything that might be printed via the computer — even if it imitates cursive. So, learning to write, and therefore read, cursive (and therefore) original documents will probably eventually be a learned skill that kids in high school or even college can specialize in. Like anthropology or something.

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  2. I can’t read my own handwriting anymore. Gone. Lack of use? Arthritis? Both? Closed for lack of interest? I’m trying to not pay attention to the news. It’s the beginning of baseball season and we’re expecting 6 inches of snow tomorrow. Go figure, right?


    • It got to the point a few years ago where I couldn’t read my own handwriting, but I love to write, especially by hand, so I set about learning anew. It hurts after a while, but at least it’s legible again.


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