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These past few days

Have been a bit… hard to explain. So I won’t try.


It’s only funny in the movies. And not even then.

I’m still out and about — kind of. Today I thought I’d give walking a shot and I must have forgotten how because I promptly fell flat on my face (well, I stopped before my face hit the ground, but it was a nasty fall). I don’t bounce back from these things like I used to so I kinda just sat in the middle of the sidewalk for a good five minutes trying to get up enough umph to get on my feet again. My poor husband stood by feeling helpless and upset because what could he do? Nothing. Poor guy. Luckily, nothing broke but my dignity. I’m just a little scraped up and achy. Okay, a lot achy. I’m getting too old to be falling like that. ^_^

That wasn’t fun.

It didn’t help that my graceful fall was witness by someone else who had himself fallen in that very area of the town. He urged me to go to the Urgent Care clinic, but I don’t think that I hurt myself that badly. He claimed to be younger than me, but looked a good decade older. But he was nice and waited until I got back on my feet and could continue on my way, all the while insisting I should go to the Urgent Care clinic. Completely unnecessary, but nice of him to care. See? The world is not so uncaring after all.

In other news, the hubs has a promise of an offer for a permanent job! Yay! And it’s near where he used to work so he’s familiar with the commute. And he’ll be making about the same as he made before so we won’t be broke! Yay!  I’m still waiting for my appointment with the VRD  — which I talked about before. If they can’t help me, no one can. I have an appoint with them in three weeks.

exercise allergic


In other other news, our tenant has a friend who’s between jobs, but has a contractor’s license, so we’ve been hiring him to do a lot of the things that need fixing in the yard around here. Our place isn’t looking quite so out of shape now.  Soon, it might even look presentable. ^_^  Like the quaint little farm I’ve always wanted.   Those trees I talked about the other day ended up on the burn pile. They’re just too plentiful around here so no one wants them.  But now our back yard is looking decidedly less scraggly and more maintained. I wish I had the energy to do it myself, but hell, I can’t even walk three blocks without falling on my face…

I just hope the wildflowers I planted last year come back this year. That would be kind of awesome.



9 thoughts on “These past few days

  1. Well, my only advice when it comes to falling is in one of two answers… 1) If you are going to fall, fall with style – Buzz Lightyear (ish) and 2) Flying is nothing more than falling, and missing the ground, so if you are going to fall, turn it into flying by missing. -Douglas Adams (ish)

    Hope that helps for next time (or, don’t have a next time, that would probably be better). 😀

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    • I’ll try and remember that, except I didn’t even know I was falling until I was on the ground then I was more like, “What just happened?” and my hubs was all like, “Oh my god, are you okay?” I hope I fell with style and grace, but I’m sure I just looked like an old woman falling. ^_^

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  2. I tripped on a carpet in my home and fell flat on my face. Nobody was witness (but the dog), but I agree. After a certain age, one should be exempt from meeting the ground hastily and without any proper introduction nor planning first. I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt, and the fellow who was so insistent about your going to Urgent Care, had a point. If you had broken something (hairline fracture) or torn a ligament in your knee or even gotten a mild concussion from it, it would have been better diagnosed early than late. But I’m sure you know yourself the best and could tell that it wasn’t too bad, just embarrassing. And I hope it doesn’t keep you from trying again, because I hear that walking is the best kind of exercise for gently aging folk like us. Me? I take a push cart along (it has a seat so I can sit when my body tells me enough is enough and sit down or fall down, your choice). And so far my ‘walks’ have only been to the end of the driveway and a bit, but after my knee is replaced, I’m betting I won’t get away with that any longer. 😦 Take care and here’s to a speedy recovery!


  3. Great news about your husbands job! Sounds awesome 🙂 and you need to stop trying to kill yourself via sidewalk 😂 I hope the aches and pains go away soon!


  4. Good for your husband! Full time perm jobs are scarce as hen’s teeth these days. I’ve done face plants all over town. I have been down to fall down for no reason except that I’m slow, awkward and my shoes don’t fit properly. I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt. Dignity recovers faster than broken things. Feel better quickly!


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