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It’s not easy being green. :)

seattle gothic

What does he know that you do not?

Vis-à-vis Kermit the Frog… But I’ve only had green skin once, maybe twice, and that’s when I dressed as a fairy tale witch for Halloween. They’re the only ones with green skin, you know. Other witches have skin with normal colors. I didn’t like the body make up we had at the time, so I used food coloring. Worked like a charm. Scared a couple of kids because they thought I really had green skin. Made my green eyes pop! too. It was fun. Came off pretty easy too. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else though. My body tends to reject anything that I wasn’t born with. I don’t even show scars (though damn, do I have stretch marks for days… >_< Srsly, body, the one thing…). This habit of rejecting all things I wasn’t born with kinda sucks really because whenever I want something to stay on (like makeup or whatever) it never does. It’s one of the reasons why even though I’ve always wanted a tattoo, I’ve never gotten one, I figure my body will just reject it and it will fade away. Money down the drain. That, and I have issues with metal and getting stabbed with a metal needle a million times probably isn’t the best thing for me. C’est la vie, I suppose.

Anyway! to get to the daily prompt (which prompted the title and my tangent up there), which is the word green. That got me to thinking about the differences between Washington, where I now reside, and New Mexico, where I moved from. One of the things I tell people about living here is that the hubs and I were simply not prepared for how fast things grow here. They grow amazingly fast. It’s mind boggling really.  I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest before, but I honestly don’t remember having to fight off the vegetation. On our property right now, it seems to be a never ending battle to keep the blackberries at bay.  That next to last bit in the picture there is so true.  Every day I look out the window, and the blackberries are a little bit closer to my house. It’s scary, dear reader, scary.

west side

“Overgrown” yard in New Mexico

In stark contrast, New Mexico was not a green state at all. I let the bird seed stay under the feeder just to see if anything would grow from it (yes, yes it did). I let weeds grow everywhere in my yard because I craved green.  Don’t get me wrong, New Mexico is a beautiful state in its own way. I loved the desert, and the sunsets were gorgeous. But I grew up in a mountainous region with all kinds of green and very few shifts in the change of season (Northern California). And I spent a lot of my nomadic days wandering up and down both coasts, and living in The South. It’s very green in the Southern United States. Green, hot, and humid. I will say that the green of The South is much different than the green of the Pacific Northwest. Maybe only to my eyes, but… Anyway, my eyes got used to green. New Mexico, thought beautiful in its desert-y way, was severely lacking in the greenage. And I missed it. I missed it a lot.

I read a story a long time ago called “Trifles“. It’s actually a one act play by Susan Gladspell from the turn of the last century. It totally resonated with me back when I first read it, and I did a paper on it when I was in college. During my research (which was not about feminism, thanks much), I came across an interesting fact that the people who migrated to the plains back then were often driven insane by the nature of the grasslands. There was no color anywhere. Just grass and sky as far as the eye could see. Think about it… they had themselves, perhaps their children — the couple in the play was childless — no cars, no telephone, no television, no radio, and often no neighbors. Just grass. Some introverts today think that would be an ideal existence, but I don’t think that people today can fathom how bleak that world was. There was no color aside from whatever clothes they might be wearing and even then, the dust and sun would quickly bleach those out. It was interesting research and it would have made a great paper, but my interests and my professor’s interest weren’t the same, so I ended up writing about something completely different.  Which happened a lot in college. But I read a lot and learned interesting things, so there’s that.

Anyway, I wasn’t driven insane by the lack of green in New Mexico, but man did I try and bring it into my world.  Now, it seems, I have green in abundance. All I have to do is look out my window and see the blackberries grow ever closer to my home. bwhahahahaha!


Creeping blackberries… (These are actually gone.)


3 thoughts on “It’s not easy being green. :)

  1. I thought this was going to be about recycling 🙂 Glad it wasn’t.\

    You wouldn’t think so, but New England is like that too. Summer isn’t as long, so the vegetation is on steroids to accomplish the same amount of growing in a shorter time. I hear that is even more true in Alaska, where everything grows insanely fast for about a month.

    In this areas, we go from brown mud season to jungle in a single day, usually the second or third week in May. You come out in the morning and there are buds. You get out of the grocery store, and every tree has bloomed into full green.

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