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So, I did a thing…

Not world shattering or anything, and it won’t affect anyone but myself and my husband (who has to put up with me) but it’s taking up a lot of my time right now and it’s very frustrating to me.

I decided about four or five days ago to get my own Steam account because I’ve been using the hubster’s all this time and he’s going to want to use his eventually.  Steam, for those of y’all that don’t know, is where one buys video games to play on the computer. So — without thinking about it too hard — I deleted Steam from my computer. I figured I’d make a fresh start of it.

face palm

It was a stupid thing to do.

Yeah, that deleted all things Skyrim off of my computer. Like, everything. All of my mods, all of my save games. Everything. Even the dungeon I was building. The dungeon I’ve spent the last three or four months building. And, since I have a program that automatically empties my recycle bin whenever I start my computer… it’s all gone. Pardon me while I shed some tears over that… ;_;  Just kidding. I was disappointed but I got over it.

Le Sigh. Oh well, that’s life. I know never to do that again. Ha!

broken record

It’s been a frustrating experience is what I’m saying.

So for the past few days, I’ve spent an unheard of amount of time trying to rebuild my game — because I have no life outside of these four walls. Ha! Just kidding, I’ve been doing other stuff, but seriously I’ve spent a lot of hours tracking down mods and trying to get back to at least where I was.

And now it won’t play.

Well, it’ll play… but not for long. >_<  So the game works, but something is making it crash. And it’s very annoying.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the stupid game. I don’t have anything on my computer that I didn’t have before when I was using the hubby’s account. So it’s back to the drawing board.  Now it’s not even about creating the perfect game of Skyrim. It’s about getting it to work the way I want it to work because now it’s personal. ^_^

The hubster suggests starting slow, using mods I know will work and playing for a while then slowing adding new mods in so I can see what’s causing my problem. And while I can see the benefits of that method, I’m all,  Ha! I don’t have the patience for that.

leap of faith

It applies to more than video games. ^_^

See, there are several kinds of people in the world… There are people who test the waters to see what the temperature is and decide whether or not to go in. Some will be happy to sit themselves on the beach and never go near the water at all. Then there are the ones who only get their feet wet, perfectly content to hang out at the water’s edge. I know a few who inch their way in and get used to the temperature a bit at a time (even the thought of doing that makes my skin crawl). And then there are those who inch in a bit at a time until they’re partially submerged before just plunging the rest of the way.   And finally you have the people (like me) who just jump in despite the temperature. I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but each has their own way.  Mine is different than my hubs’. It’s not better nor worse, it’s just different.

So anyway, that’s where my brain’s been the last few days. That, and recovering from the fall I talked about in my previous post, which — other than a mysterious pain in my side and a chunk out of my hand — I’m doing okay. I can can walk around on my own again and my back is much better.  If the pain in my side doesn’t go away soon, I’ll go to the doctor’s. But I honestly think I just pulled something and need to rest. Since everything else appears to be working as it should (or as it did before anyway) I’m gonna wait and see.




10 thoughts on “So, I did a thing…

  1. Ok, so… you’re going to hate me, but why didn’t you just log out of his account and log into yours? No, you don’t need to answer that, I understand “those moments” all too well. I’m so sorry for your lose, but as a silver lining to it all… um… there’s… the… uh… thing… that… yeah, I got nothing. 😦

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  2. I say “Ooops.” My sympathies, but this is how we learn in the world ‘of functioning adults”. We FUBAR something royally, take note, and hopefully we never ever do it again either. You’ll recover and your gaming will be back to the fun zone instead of the test and try and get frustrated zone. And I’d trade you problems right now, no questions asked. Take care!

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  3. Happy to hear you are recovering from your fall.
    I am laughing at your deleting your games. I get into those ‘delete moods’ and often regret it afterward. Now when they strike I tell myself: “If I feel the same way this time next week I will in fact delete.” Most of the time I do not.
    All my best to you. 🌵

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  4. Oh wow, that sounds like an epic face palm moment 😁 If that happened to me I wouldn’t be taking it so well so hats off to your composure! Hope you manage to get everything up and running the way you want it!

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