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Good Guy Sam

(Or, why I get everything in writing)

judge milian

I watch their shows, I don’t want to be on them.

So, over the past few weeks, we hired this guy… we’ll call him Sam to do yard work around the property. Sam’s  friendly guy. He’ll talk your ear off for as long as you let him. I know he’s a good guy because he’s told me how much he’s done for everyone, and I mean everyone, in his life. He’s also told me how popular he is around town and how every little person knows him — and how they owe him favors because he’s done so much for them. Here’s a hint for you guy… being well known around town isn’t always a good thing… but I digress. So anyway, we hired him to do stuff like mow the lawn and cut down some blackberry bushes because he’s a friend of our tenant and is between jobs. Also, let’s face it, our yard needed work. And because I didn’t want to end up in small claims court, I wrote up a contract for everyone to sign, date, and so on. But, you know, Sam’s a nice guy so he went around telling everyone who will listen what a great job he’s doing and how he’s busting his ass to help us out. Not because we’re paying him or anything (which we totally were), but because that’s just what a nice kind of person he is.

nice is different than goodDon’t get me wrong… he totally busted his ass and worked hard. He did. The work that he did was good and worth what we paid him for. I can’t say I had no complaints because I did, and I made him aware of them. Like my last landscaper, he just kind of ignored them and went about doing things the way he wanted to do them. So even before The Incident (which is not my story to tell), I had serious misgivings about letting Sam continue to do things around the property. He’s finished with the things we contracted him to do — for the most part but we don’t care about the stuff he didn’t get to.  We can send him a check for his work and simply not hire him again. Even though we’d talked about the possibility of him maybe doing work in the future, we don’t have a contract with him to do so. So… that’s why I get everything in writing.  I don’t let anyone do anything in my house without putting it down on paper. But you see, here’s the thing. Sam is such a great guy. Just ask him. He did us the grand favor of letting us hire him to do yard work around the place and busted his ass working for us. How could we just… not hire him anymore?  Aren’t we just ungrateful people?

Don’t you love great guys?

judge judy



4 thoughts on “Good Guy Sam

  1. I don’t think I’d worry unduly about Sam. And I might even ask him bluntly “If you’re such a great guy, why do you have to remind us all the time? Can’t we see it for ourselves? And if you’re such a great guy – you must have loads of other people needing your greatness, so why worry that we don’t need it any more?” and watch him squirm. But knowing some people like unto Sam, he wouldn’t hear you anyway. People like Sam are more about the talking and nothing about the listening in my experience. Because everything is all about them.

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    • I usually go with, “Yeah, yeah, you’re a wonderful person, I get it.” In my most hand-wavy tone whenever he starts going on. I’m not worried about him talking smack about us… simply annoyed by how ungrateful he thinks we are. You know?


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