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Two prompts with one post

So the prompts the last two days were “curve” and “stairway” which made me think of one of the first movie stars I ever looked up to. This lovely lady right here:


Mae West

That, dear readers, in case you didn’t know, is the lovely Mae West. And when I was a young and impressionable child I adored her. I still think she’s the bees knees. She was a wise-cracking woman who didn’t take nuthin’ from nobody and loved men like men loved women. I was all, “Yeah!” when I saw her movies on Saturday afternoon television (this was before cable).

They just don’t make ’em like her anymore.  I strove to be like her without the Hollywood budget.

Of course later role models came along, more curvy women, and some without so many curves, more grand staircases, and promises to open doors for me, doors I never dreamed existed (Auntie Mame).

As an aside, did you know that the staircase in Auntie Mame is a star in its own right? It was used in many movies throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s maybe beyond.  Here’s a clip:

That’s one well used staircase right there. I’m sure that there were more that the maker of that clip doesn’t know about, but that’s plenty as it is. I haven’t even seen most of those pictures! Some, yeah, but a lot of them are not known to me.



Anyway, the two prompts made me think of Mae West. She was the first person my eyes looked up to, and I honestly still love to look at her. I wish I could wear the dresses and hats that she wore so well in her day, but they would just look ridiculous today. But man, they did look awesome back then. I know I certainly do talk a lot like her. ^_^ Sarcasm is my native language. Ha!

On the opposite side of the spectrum, not quite “curvy” but more “lumpy” I also absolutely adored Ma Kettle played by Marjorie Main.  The reason why I loved that woman so much is because despite the chaos that was her life — the fifteen children and the layabout husband, she honestly loved each and every one of them. The character was presented as an honest woman who was content with her life, and damn did I want that for myself. She didn’t want to be glamorous and fancy… she just wanted what she had, and she was happy. I’m glad to say… I’ve kinda reached that point in my life. Oh, sure I could do without the constant pain, but other than that, I’m good.

Sorry I’ve haven’t been posting a lot lately. Things have been a little wonky around here.  It’s not that anything is wrong or that I’ve been sick (well, I was, but I’m better now), it’s just that things are… a little off. And I just haven’t gotten around to posting. Hopefully they’ll settle down and you’ll have the full benefit of my rambling nonsense as often as you had it before. ^_^  I’m working on it. I miss writing. I do.

And, since I’m in a video mood today, I wanted to post this little clip too because it has stairs and dancing and all kinds of nifty things. If you turn on the captioning in the video, you’ll see the names of the movies the person who made the video used. I’ve actually seen most of them because I like musicals. Anyway, here it is… enjoy.


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