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Why I hate the “PC” movement

Because it’s often about me sacrificing something for someone else’s “comfort” or walking on eggshells because someone else is “offended” and the uncomfortable or offended person doesn’t give a rat’s ass about my comfort or if their being offended in any way makes me uncomfortable or offends me. They are the one who is important, and my feelings mean nothing.

I blogged about this once before a long time ago… I knew the exact moment in time when the PC movement was going piss me off to no end.  And no, it has nothing to do with racist humor or being a misanthrope. Racist humor and misanthropy is really not good in any situation. Being politically correct doesn’t really help those situations at all. But when people start regulating my language because they’re not “comfortable” with something I’m saying. That’s taking it too far.


Sorry, dude, you’re offending people… >_<

And this isn’t a new thing.  This has been going on for a long time.  I remember the first Superman movie with Christopher Reeve.  Clark Kent said that something was “Swell” which was a perfectly normal ejaculation back in the day, and Lois Lane said, “Clark, people aren’t comfortable with the word swell these days.”  I mean I guess that it was better than her laughing at him for using an outdated interjection, but the way she said it made me just… angry with her. And that movie came out in 1978!  That’s how far back this policing of language goes… that I can remember.  Can’t say “swell” because people aren’t comfortable with it? Come on!  Nowadays, there’re whole articles about how awful the word “moist” is (which is what prompted this post). Are you freaking kidding me??? Like, I can’t say, “Pass me a moist towelette” anymore? Get over it. Jeez.


I agree.

Seriously I don’t give a rat’s ass how people talk or what they say. So long as they’re not directly insulting me or mine, I don’t care. Be as racist or as misanthropic as you want to be. That’s your right as a person. Or don’t. That’s also your right as a person. That’s also something that the Politically Correct people seems to have forgotten. People have a right to their opinions — even if their opinions are wrong. Even if their opinions aren’t the same as mine or yours. Even if their opinions are hateful. They are allowed to have them, and they are allowed to express them. Freedom of speech belongs to everyone. Even the assholes and the bigots. So long as they are not directly threatening anyone, they have the same right to peaceful assembly as any other citizen of these United States. The minute we deny them of their rights to freedom of speech, then we descend into anarchy.  I don’t agree with racists. I’m not a misanthrope. But I believe they are allowed to have their opinions and that they should be free to express them without fear of reprisal, just as the proponents of the PC movement feel they should be free to express theirs.  You cannot have it both ways. You cannot demand a “safe space” free to say and feel whatever you want then deny others the same just because what they believe is different than what you believe.  How is that correct in any way, shape, or form?  Policing people’s speech is wrong. It always has been, and it always will be. Especially here in the United States where we have a Constitutional right to peacefully assemble without fear of retribution. It’s the First freaking Amendment, dammit.


Seriously! So what?

But it seems these days anyone can read an implication into anything if they look hard enough… and believe me, they do. People are insulted by implied language everywhere. They’re offended by the color of someone’s hair, by the cut of their clothes, by the way they hold themselves. It’s all so offensive. And this is what the PC movement has brought about.  So no, I don’t like the PC movement. I never have, not when Lois Lane told Clark Kent that people weren’t “comfortable” with the world “swell”, not when that woman in my school back when got so visibly upset that someone called another woman “that woman”, and not when certain friends of mine would get “offended” by innocuous, happenstance… things that were benign but oh, so offensive to them. And because they were offensive to them, then I should be offended too, or at the very least apologetic.

Yeah. That’s never going to happen. I will always go with, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” and if that’s not good enough for you, feel free to find the door. Because I’m sorry you’re offended, but I’m not going to stop doing whatever it is that offended you.  I’m not going to sacrifice my comfort for yours. It’s just not going to happen. Never has. Never will.

Just for fun… Here’s the Liberal Redneck on how he feels about people’s “comfort”


2 thoughts on “Why I hate the “PC” movement

  1. I agree PC is counter productive and I am an card carrying member of the CPGB. I believe the best way to do deal with bigots is not to get shock but to make them the butt of jokes, make then look like the fools they are.


    • Like I said, they have a right to their opinion. I may not agree with it, but it’s their right to have their own opinion. And I will leave them to it. I don’t like it when Christians tell me how wrong I am, so who am I to tell anyone else how wrong they are? So long as they’re not hurting anyone, it’s live and let live.


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