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a diversity of color… kinda

So, y’all are gonna have to forgive me for my short posts and plethora of images lately. I’m tired. It’s part and parcel of the whole Fibromyalgia thing… sometimes, I just get… tired. But this made me think of the prompt, so here I am. Just for y’all. ^_^

Anyway, spring has sprung as they say, and there are a lot of flowers outside of my front door. Of course, I’m too tired to whip them into any kind of “shape” so they’re growing wild. But that’s okay. I like the wild look.

Here are some pictures…


flowers 3

I think there’s wild roses in there somewhere…

and same flowers from a different angle…


That’s actually a big rock in the middle there…

Those purple/pink flowers (I forget the name) were growing up my porch last year, but I cut the strings last winter with plans to make new ones. As you can see, the plans didn’t work out so now they’re growing as a vine on the ground. But they’re still growing. Man, are they growing! Even without string, they’re working their way back onto the porch.  I have no idea what the purple ones are… the yellow ones in the top of picture are buttercups. I think.  I dunno, I’m not a horticulturist. Anyway, it’s kind of a riot of color just outside of my door. And I kinda like it that way.


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