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Happy are those…

… who see the world through the eyes of a child.

beautiful belief

I still believe in the possibility of everything

Paul wrote in I Corinthians: Chapter 13, verse 11 (yes dear reader, I’ve read the Bible) something like “When I was a child, I talked as a child, thought as a child, and reasoned as a child; when I became a man, I put away childish things.” Or something like that. It depends on your translation.

Anyway, the chapter starts out with how you can go through all of the motions of charity and good deeds, but without the charitable intent, they mean nothing. You’ve gotta have love in your heart or the motions are meaningless. Telling a kid to say “sorry” when they’ve done something wrong doesn’t teach them a thing. They’ve gotta know what they’ve done wrong and learn to redress the situation. That’s how one grows. These are the “childish things” Paul was talking about, the empty motions… because it’s when we come to the realization that we’re not the be all and end all of the universe, and that there has to be intent behind our actions — that’s when we become “adults”. Some people reach adulthood way before others do, while others childishly never come to this conclusion and will go to their grave believing the world does, in fact revolve around them and only them.

sun from space

Sun from space from here

But even as we come to realize that we should have intention behind our actions and those actions have consequences, I think that we shouldn’t lose that childlike sense of wonder about the world. In other words, yes, set aside “childish things” but keep about us a sense of awe about the world around us. Isn’t that what brings us closer to the divine? I mean, even as I learned that big yellow ball in the sky isn’t, in fact driven across the sky in a chariot each day by Apollo and his trusted horses as the Greeks thought, but is instead a giant ball of gas that’s just sitting there — burning. I still think that’s kind of awesome. Why wouldn’t it be awesome? I mean what’s holding it there? I know, gravity. But what makes gravity hold it there? I’m not an astronomer, or cosmologist, so these kinds of things are pretty amazing to me. And, yes, I know, the sun isn’t stationary, it’s moving through space like we are. But it looks still to me, so I will say it’s just sitting there, because to me… it is. 😛 Anyway, the point is, even as I know how things work and what makes the world go ’round, I still think it’s pretty amazing and wonderful that the world works the way it does and that it still spins around in such a disorderly fashion.


It is

See, I may have “put aside childish things” in that I came to the realization a long time ago that empty words and actions mean nothing and I had to take myself out of the center of the universe because no one else sees me there.  But even as I put away childish things, I asked myself this, “how can there be miracles in this manner but not in that manner?” Does that mean I should deny all miracles? I have to either accept they all exist, or that none exist. So if angels exist, then so do fairies. If (and this was a turning point in my life) the Christian god exists, then why not the other gods? After all, nowhere in the Bible does it say that he is the only god, but that he is the “one, true” god and all other gods are “false” gods. In other words, the Bible isn’t denying the existence of other gods, it’s just denouncing them as “false”.  But when I started to think about it, and started reading the stories, I realized that those gods were/are as real to the people who believed them as the Christian god is to Christians. So, I became Agnostic. Because we can’t really know, can we?  We can only believe or have faith. I believe in possibilities and I have little faith without knowledge… so began my eternal childhood… because what is childhood other than constantly seeking answers?  Therefore, though I am an adult chronologically, and my body certainly acts as though it’s 80 years old (I’m not 80 years old), my mind perpetually remains… young.  Hey, maybe that’s why my body’s acting like it’s 80! to make up for the immaturity of my mind! It’s a thought.


4 thoughts on “Happy are those…

  1. I believe that all of us are born knowing right from wrong. We get better at the subtle distinctions with age and experience, but along with the opposable thumb, that’s what distinguishes us as a species. That so many people seem to have abandoned this fundamental knowledge for a “bottom line” pragmatism is what’s wrong with the world. Whether or not she believe in a deity? Belief doesn’t make you good or bad. You also have to BE a good person. Good post!

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    • Don’t believe people are born knowing the concepts of good and bad. After all what’s good for one is bad for another. The concepts are developed depending on how the child was raised.


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