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Our sojourn

Into landlord territory wasn’t a long one…

bnw kitten

Here’s a picture of a kitten for no reason

I might have mentioned my tenant a time or two here on my blog, but I didn’t make a big deal about renting out the back area of our house, because I didn’t really want to jinx it (yeah, I have my superstitions). But, we did rent it out to a young, single mother whose kid was about six months old when she moved in. I was wary but honestly, when I was younger, I wished someone would have given me a break, so I wanted to be her “break”.

That was in November of last year. About two days ago, I wrote up a mutual (believe me, the feeling was mutual) agreement to let her out of her lease. I won’t get into the details, but there’s been a lot of drama… And I seriously don’t need drama. It’s detrimental to my health — both mentally and physically.  We moved here because it’s a small, quiet town and my nerves need the rest.

The hubs and I are discussing what to do with the back area once she moves out. Someone said if we get the ‘right’ tenant in there we won’t have all of that drama in there. She said (and I quote)  Single mom trying to do right by her kid? I could have seen that coming a MILE off. Next time go for a single dude who games. They’re usually pretty quiet.   Since the hubs was that “single dude who games” for a long time… I’m betting she’s right. Ha!

Anyway, right now the hubs and I are just gonna chill and get over all of this fluff, stuff, and nonsense. We need to catch our breath. We’re quiet people. We need peace. Our soon-to-be-ex tenant has until the first week in July to move out and then we’ll be ex-landlords. What are we going to do after this? I dunno. I just don’t know. It was nice having that bit of extra money coming in, but I don’t know if it was worth all of the drama and stress.

youre wrong

She can’t get any wronger… but that’s my opinion.

In less than a year, I’ve gone from being not a landlord, to a landlord, back to regular citizen again. How’s that for a transformation? ^_^  I like to think that this whole mess hasn’t changed me much personally. I know the back area itself has seen some changes — new doors for one. I hope she leaves it in good condition because we’ve already given her the deposit back (don’t ask). Even if she doesn’t, it doesn’t matter. We’ll figure it out. Either way, I still have faith in humanity. I like to think I’ve handled myself with style and grace. What I want is for my soon-to-be ex tenant to remember this years from now as the mistake she made because she threw away a good opportunity for a stupid man (she thinks they’re building a life together, but I know his type, he’ll leave her as soon as she can’t support him). Then again… maybe not, after all, he’s such a great guy — just ask him (that’s sarcasm). Yeah. Great guy… But I won’t get started or I’ll say too much. Anyway, maybe the next time she falls for a stupid man, she won’t throw away another good opportunity. Sometimes, people just don’t know what they have until they lose it.


5 thoughts on “Our sojourn

  1. Every landlord dreads the nightmare tenant. Yours didn’t sound too bad though. One of my friend’s father’s tenant set up a drug den. That brought around all kinds of chaos and police investigations.
    I’m glad that you aren’t letting it affect you too badly and you can move on.


  2. My husband uses a line from “The Magnificent Seven” as his signature line: “Generosity. That was my first mistake.”

    Generosity. That WAS your first mistake. Mine too. And not for the first time, either. You’d think I’d learn.


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