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Beginning of week 2

Here I am again! Working! Week 2! Yay!  I’m psyching myself up because it’s really a good job and all weekend long I was flip-flopping about how I just couldn’t really handle working again. But I am my own worst enemy because it’s not a horrible job. It’s a good job, and I’d be stupid to toss it aside because I haven’t gotten used it yet.



I need to give myself some time, then I’ll be okay. Why should I deprive myself of the extra income this job gives me just because I’m not used to being at work anymore? I don’t have to work because my husband makes enough to support us both, but I really don’t like sitting around staring at the walls. It’s annoying. Plus, this company took a chance on me knowing that I haven’t worked in seven years, and I’m not gonna turn away that kindness by quitting after a week.  Also, I mean, seriously, I have plans. Plans cost money, and money doesn’t grow on trees. Ya gotta earn it.  This is probably the best job I’ll ever find and I’m just being a Nervous Nelly. I need to stop doing what I’ve been doing — borrowing trouble from the future: the whole “What if this happens?” thing that people do when they get anxious.  I’ll take it one day at a time. That’s the best way, right? ^_^

phone call

This is me… all day long

Ah, I feel better.  Now I just have to get over this… problem… I have with phones and making phone calls. ^_^  I’m working on it, but yeah.  Again, it’s borrowing trouble with the phones. I have this fear of sounding like a complete idiot over the phone. Just sounding like a complete idiot. And it cripples me sometimes when it comes to making phone calls. So this job isn’t phone heavy, but it does require that I make phone calls. I do okay. I don’t sound like a complete idiot (except the one voicemail), so my fears are unfounded, but! logic plays no part in phobias. Since I’m getting paid to make these phone calls, I make them, and I’m all business-like when I make them. But afterwards, I’m shaky and sooooo glad that’s over. ^_^ Give me email and texting any day of the week. Email is my preference. Ha! Luckily, most of the trades I work with (so far) prefer email and text. So, I’m gonna stop borrowing trouble and deal with the few phone calls I have to make. Eventually, they won’t be a problem at all. I just have to get used to making phone calls again.


6 thoughts on “Beginning of week 2

  1. When I have to face that kind of issue, I just keep that song firmly repeating in my brain… just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, just keep swimming… SHARK!!!! (ok, that last part was just the usual outcome in my life… :D)


    • Even when I was at my poorest, a paycheck wouldn’t keep me at a job I didn’t like. I’d rather do without than be at a job that made me mentally and/or physically unwell. The paycheck always has and always will come in a low low second, maybe third on the importance scale when it comes to whether I keep a job or not. Hell, it could slide down as low as ten. Health first, mental health second, family happiness is up there in the top three… Paycheck? It’s good to have and all, but if I’m not stable physically and mentally, it ain’t worth much.


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