daily prompt / Skyrim

There’s water…

And then there’s water.   So, I missed yesterday’s prompt  which was (as you might have guessed)… water.

So here’s what that brought to mind.  Warning, I’m about to get my geek on… You’ve been warned.

So, when I started playing Skyrim on the console (PlayStation 3 if I remember correctly) I thought the graphics were pretty awesome, amazing even. I mean, I can’t even play older games because I started with Skyrim and older graphics make me go… ehhhh. Anyway, I didn’t understand why the hubs thought that the water in the game was “meh”.

Here’s a shot of what vanilla water looks like in Skyrim that I went in game and took just for y’all:


That’s a bit of a river just outside of a town called, descriptively, Riverwood.  Like I said, when I first stared playing, I thought that the water looked okay. I really did. But the hubster was unimpressed.  Now, here’s a shot of what the water looks like when one downloads a mod that ups everything in the game to a higher resolution — 2K to be exact. Now, one can go as high as 4K, but I stuck to 2K because I don’t want my graphics card to scream for mercy every time I play the game.

2k river

A little better, right? More definition, not as flat, and way more interesting to look at. After playing with the 2K textures, I could see what the husband was talking about. Everything looked so nice, even the water.  But then, dear readers, then… I downloaded a mod that changed the weathers and “purified” the waters. and holy hell, did it change the world of Skyrim forever.  Check in out:


Now, you can see they flattened the water again, and the shores, but man… look at that water. It’s so… watery. ^_^ It looks cool and clean, and like a river should. It’s difficult to show what it looks like in game because I’d need to shoot a video of it and then upload it somewhere, so the still shot don’t do any of these justice. Especially that little, tiny  waterfall in the distance. But I’m guessing you see my point. Here are the same three filters from the other side of Riverwood.


bridge vanilla

2K Textures:


Weather and water mod:

bridge modded

Now, not all weather and water mods are the same. Some keep the “rough” waters of the 2K textures, but I  like the one that I have… which is called Purity. I think it’s a beautiful mod and it really enhances my play of the game. Seriously, this water is so nice I make my character jump in it every chance I can and swim. If the water were as beautiful where I lived (and I didn’t have to worry about little things like getting tired and wet) I’d be swimming in it all day long. It’s. just. beautiful water!  Who would have thought that a simple thing like water could make the game so much… nicer?

Another water-type mod that really gets my geek flag flying is one called Real Shelter, and it makes it so that rain and snow stop falling on your character when they step under something like an awning. That is so awesome! Every time it happens, I’m all, “Oh my god! That is so cool!”  And I’ve had this mod for a while now. It still makes me squee like a fan girl every time it happens.

It’s the little things. But I even geeked out about it so much, that I took a screenshot when I thought it looked particularly cool.


Seriously… how cool is that???

Anyway, I don’t know much about coding, but it’s probably not easy to get water to look and act like water should.  I can’t do it. Of all the people I personally know, I’m pretty sure I can count on one hand the people who can do it and still have enough fingers to snap.  That’s why I think it’s cool and why I geek out when people take the time (modders do this in their free time, and they don’t get paid for it other than donations) to make the world of Skyrim a bigger, better place for those of us who can only sit back and go, “Wow… just… wow.”

And that was what the prompt brought up to my mind. Virtual water. 🙂



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