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The times they are a-changin’…


Take a deep breath and move on

So, as anyone who’s read this blog for any length of time knows, right now I’m in a state of flux.  And it’s hitting me from all sides.

So,  I had a job for a minute and it was both non-eventful and extremely stressful. It didn’t last long. I blogged about it for those of you who are new. But now I’m back in the legion of the unemployed and disabled. I don’t need to work to put a roof over my head, but I kinda need to do something with myself because I fear my brain is starting to atrophy from lack of use.  Even in the short time that I worked, I made a ton of mistakes that I shouldn’t have — put the wrong dates in notes, dialed the wrong number, even scheduled an appointment for the wrong house (big mistake that I rectified immediately but it still shouldn’t have happened in the first place). I sounded like a gibbering idiot in the first voicemail I left, seriously, my worst phone fear came true on my very first day. I sounded like a fool all, “Um… oh god… I’m so sorry… I had this information right in front of me a second ago… um… stutter, stutter, stutter,  blah, blah, blah.”  It was mortifying.  That person never called me back. >_<

field of fucks

I’m so going to make something like this one day

But that’s behind me now, and I’m back to staring at the walls. Ha!  No… I do have an appointment with the local vocational rehabilitation center in about a month or so. Maybe they can find something that I can do that doesn’t involve phones… or people… or thinking. Ha!

In other news. I told my tenant this morning when she stalked through our common area to do her laundry (as has been her wont to do since drama happened) that she — and her unwelcome guest — needed to be out by the sixth of July because we have someone else that’s moving in the second week of July.  I think they had this idea that if they didn’t have a place, I was gonna let them stay, because I’m nice like that. hahahahaha! Not after the way they’ve been acting. Anyway, she signed paperwork that she would be out by then. She acted like I slapped her in the face and told her to “get out of my house!” and stalked out. Drama. I don’t need it. The new tenant is older, an introvert, and I have a feeling will not bring drama to my doorstep.  She shows every indication that she just wants to be left alone and get her geek on. I think that we’re going to be three geeky geeks sitting around in our own rooms, being online, watching movies, or playing video games. No drama there. Paradise.

Cocoa thinking

I’m pretty sure it’s this guy

Also, in a week I will have a fence in my front yard! A fence! Yay! I’m so stoked. We’re gonna put a doggy door in the front door and let the pooches come and go whenever their little hearts desire. Except at night after we set the alarm… then we’ll shut the door to the mudroom and they can wait until morning. No more whining to be let out. Hopefully it will put an end to the mystery carpet-pooper too. We still haven’t caught the culprit but hopefully it will end his (I’m sure it’s the one pictured here) nefarious pooping ways.  Since we haven’t caught anyone, we can’t put a stop to it. Only clean it up, sanitize it and hope that he doesn’t do it again soon, or catch ’em in the act next time so we can correct the behavior. But whoever has been pooping in the house has been pretty sneaky about it. Waiting until no one’s around and then pooping. It’s not like we don’t walk them all every three or so hours, and sometimes whoever it is will poop right after they come in from a walk too. It’s weird. But you can’t correct what you don’t see. And you can’t punish a dog for something they did even five minutes ago. They have no idea what they’re being punished for. They live more in the Now than I ever will be able to. Ha!

pile o dirt

It’s a big pile of dirt

But anyway, having a fence put in is a big deal. We’ve been waiting for it for a long time. Months even. Having one tenant move out and another move in is a big deal too. Even if it goes off without a hitch (cross your fingers), it’s a lot going on.  Getting, doing, and quitting a job was kind of a big deal too. Also, at the end of July, we have landscapers coming out to break up the big pile of dirt we found in our yard last year when we took out the blackberries and distribute it throughout the rest of the yard. This will hopefully help with any flooding issues we have in the coming winter. I know it won’t stop the flooding — should there be any flooding, which I hope there won’t be — but maybe it won’t be as bad? I mean if we make the ground higher, perhaps the water will go elsewhere, like the conduits along the highway that parallels our property that the city built for such purposes.  But that’s kind of a big deal too. Then there’s the driveway to deal with… potholes galore. The hubby’s Mustang can’t deal with ’em. We’ve gotta regravel it. And we will… we will…


6 thoughts on “The times they are a-changin’…

    • I really have been looking into that, and like I told Marilyn, I have some things to sell (because I’d planned to open a brick and mortar store), I just need to get them into sell-able shape. 🙂

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  1. The only thing I found to do that really worked out was an online store for antiques and collectibles. It was a lot of work, but it was stuff I could handle … finding things to resell — online and at local flea markets and yard sales. Then taking pictures of them and writing the best sales copy I could. I did pretty well for a few years until the economy tanked and I folded my tent. The good part of doing that kind of thing is that you make your own schedule. It’s just a thought to ponder. I also enjoyed doing it.

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    • You’ve mentioned it before and I’ve been considering it. I really have. I’ve looked into it and gone back and forth with “I’ll do it!” to “Ehhh… not so much.” I have stock. I just need to get it ready for sale if that makes any sense.


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