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Meanwhile, back at the ranch

My tenant has finally moved out. I have the key back and everything. Yay!


Funky smelling couch (smells like skunk)

In other news, she totally stole the chair I let her use (so she could rock the baby) when she first moved in. And in its place, she left three pieces of big furniture  — a funky couch, a ratty bed, and a dresser which isn’t half bad, but probably was too heavy for her to carry and too big to fit in the U-Haul.  Now I have all that junk in the apartment and have to figure out how to get it hauled away (they’re not fit for use). She also left a broken sink, a huge pile of garbage on the porch with another couch underneath it, and a shed full of “stuff” which she claimed she couldn’t get to because I didn’t maintain the property around it (which was her responsibility since is was her storage shed).  And the entire carpet is just… Just… Ewwwww. Ah, the joys of being a landlord. ^_^ But honestly, it’s not as bad as I was expecting. Messy, yes, but not as bad considering the circumstances of her eviction.  Mostly not as bad, I think, because I banned the great guy from the property.  I think it would be in much worse shape had he “helped” her move.


Garbage on the porch

Now, I do admit that I went in the unit the day before yesterday to get the Xbox 360 (and games) out that we lent her a few months ago. I mean we’re nice, but we ain’t that nice. Xbox 360’s don’t just grow on trees, you know.  I forgot to get the controller though, and she totally took that. So I guess my instincts were right. Ha! What’s she gonna do with a controller and no console? I also removed the satellite receiver because that isn’t mine to let her steal, and I wasn’t going to take that chance. Mamma didn’t raise no fool, and I ain’t payin’ to replace that. She did leave the remote control for that, because what are you going to do with a stray remote control? But I didn’t have the energy for the chair, and I really expected her to leave it since it was a recliner and kinda big. But no, she took it. Just packed it in the U-Haul and drove away. Sad really. The kicker is that she then sent me an angry text message saying she resented the fact that I illegally entered the unit and “removed things” before she handed it over to me.

She makes me laugh. She really does.


Broken bathroom sink…

But she’s in the past (I hope) so that’s all done and over with. Now I have a mess to clean up and a sink to repair, which her great guy broke, if I have to guess, like the week he started “helping her” three or four months ago. See, they never told me the sink was broken. He asked me for plumbers tape to “repair” it way back when. I offered to have a plumber come look at it, and they said it was fine. I asked two more times if it was okay, and they said it was fine.  Now I’m wondering what they were hiding. Who lives without water for three months? I mean, they had a bathtub, but no sink?  What were they doing their dishes in?  She didn’t use the kitchen sink for dishes and she didn’t have a bathroom sink. I can only wonder… and cringe. Then again, not having dishes would explain the massive amounts of garbage she left behind. But still. Where were they hiding all of that garbage all of this time? I mean, it certainly wasn’t on the porch or I would have seen it and said something. What the hell was he doing all of these months he was living with her? He certainly wasn’t working — not until recently. He took that sink apart, but he couldn’t put it back together? People like him make me so… angry. But I can’t sue him, he wasn’t my tenant. She’s the one responsible for his actions. So if I were to go after anyone, it would be her, and he knows that. I’d bet my last dollar that he knows that. Mark my words, if she stays with him, he will drag her down.


Ratty mattress

Anyway. What’s done is done. It’s over. Now all that’s left is to clean up the mess. I’m not the type to go after someone for crap like this. Even when I was broke as a joke I wouldn’t have gone after her for leaving this mess and the  broken sink. She didn’t maliciously put holes in the walls or break anything intentionally. Everything here is just neglect and sloth. I’m awed and amazed at how something so nice could have degenerated so quickly. I mean, she’s only been in the place for nine months. I shudder to think of how bad it could have gotten had she lived there for a year or more. But she’s out now, and shoulda, coulda, and woulda will get me nowhere. So no, she can go on her merry way and live her life as she pleases. The only reason I’m documenting her mess and recording it for posterity is because I have a sneaking suspicion that some day down the road, he’s going to convince her that we done them wrong, and they can sue us. But see, we have pictures, and recordings, and legal documents that say we did everything by the book and didn’t do anything wrong. I hope he doesn’t put that nonsense into her head. I hope she faces forward and moves on with her life. In the meantime, I’ll clean up the mess and move on.  What’s done is done. She’s gone. That’s all I wanted. But the next person isn’t going to be so nice. I can guarantee that.


Correction: I was wrong about her taking the chair. We fought our way through the weeds to the storage shed and found it in there among some other things — nothing of note,  I don’t know what she was going on about, it’s mostly junk.   But anyway, she didn’t take the chair, she just… hid it I suppose. I don’t know why they didn’t just bring it in to our place if they weren’t using it. It would have been easier than taking it all the way out to the shed. Weird. Just… weird. But I falsely accused her, and now I’m correcting that accusation. She didn’t take the chair.


6 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back at the ranch

  1. I really hope you changed the locks. I’m ashamed to admit I was that kind of tenant (not the slobby, leave garbage and dreck for the landlord to clean) but I did take furniture and little things I figured they weren’t using anyway, having them in a rental unit. And karma has made me pay for all of it too. Your ex-tenant will one day wake up and realize what this kind of action does to a soul. She’ll regret the ‘good guy’. She’ll be old and full of sadness tinged with bitterness, but she chose this path. She’s also (from your description) one of the stupid and entitled. So again, I hope you changed the locks.


  2. It would have to be worth a lot more in $$ to be worth the aggravation of going after her and it. I’m sorry about the controller and the recliner, though. You can probably replace the controller, though I have no idea what they cost and I’m suspecting “not cheap” would probably apply. I can’t even remember how much of my stuff has been taken away by former tenants, including drapes, air-conditioners, microwave ovens, coffee machines, rugs, refrigerators, stoves … like everything. I try to mentally NEVER go there. It just pisses me off and doesn’t accomplish anything.


    • Controllers aren’t that expensive and we have extras (hubs is a geek, remember?). The chair though? That was worth something. But it’s not about the money. I mean at a yard sale we probably could have gotten $100 for it (so not worth suing). It’s that she took it in the first place, and then left her crap behind, and then had the audacity to send me an angry text message about how I removed things so she couldn’t swipe them. Ha!


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