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Dear Hillary: How Very Dare You!

I too don’t understand the antipathy towards Hillary Clinton. Other than her “email scandal” no one can tell me anything she’s done wrong. And it’s really just… silly. Great read. I agree with this article.

Social Justice For All

HillaryLet me be as candid and transparent as possible: I was a very strong supporter of Bernie Sanders, and until the past four weeks, held out great hope that he would become our next President. Over the course of the past month, I have had to do a great deal of reflecting and ask myself where does this seemingly irrational antipathy for Hillary Clinton come from? Why have I participated in it? After doing some research and looking hard at systemic misogyny, I have had to confront myself with the truth that I bought into a narrative about Hillary Clinton that has been produced, packaged, and perpetuated by mostly the GOP with the help of many democrats and independents.

This narrative is a 30-year-old vilification of a woman who is bright, independent, wealthy, and powerful — a woman who asks for what she wants and needs. How very dare you…

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4 thoughts on “Dear Hillary: How Very Dare You!

  1. Thank you!!! I’ll reblog this (from the original) tomorrow. I feel like this is the least I can do. It’s the first time I’m using “Press This.” Interesting. I think I’ll like it once I get the hang of it. It lets you schedule stuff rather than having to post a reblog instantly. Thanks again!!

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  2. Not an American but I was a big follower of Sanders campaign and was surprised how far he got considering the hate there seems to be for his reasonable ideas on things like Education and Health.


    • I didn’t hate Bernie Sanders and I found his campaign interesting enough to follow to the end. I wasn’t a rabid fan (as some people seem to be). I don’t usually talk about politics openly because it’s no one’s business but mine who I vote for, but Donald Trump scares me and Hillary Clinton, I think, is the most honest person we have on the billet.


      • Sad thing is people respond to fear mongering. It’s easier to unite on distrusts and anxiety then to push on positive links. Trump is a through back to a Reds under the Bed mentality and failing to realise that it is that divide which spawns fear, which leads to the hate…


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