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A (not so) blast from the past

So, today’s daily prompt is stubborn, and that’s kinda funny because I ran across this old post of mine on Facebook (posted five years ago today):

TMI! TMI! TMI! (you were warned)

Yeah, this healthy diet I’m on?  Just cost me a visit to the emergency room.  It appears that my digestive tract is not made for digesting veggies and meat alone because it hasn’t been eliminating them!!! Have I been constipated?  No… quite the opposite, but according to the NP in the emergency room I’m “full of stool”  (Yes, that means I’m full of shit).  That’s the first time a doctor has been able to say that and mean it. ^_^  And the other pains I’ve been feeling?  Gas.  Yeah, even though I pass gas like a drunken sailor, seems I’m still full of it.

Man, try to do something good for my body and this is what happens. It rebels against me.  She said, eat some whole grains and get some fibrous fiber in you, girl.  She also gave me a laxative to get the party started.  I’m waiting on that to work now.

I should sue the 30 Whole Day people for their empty promises and my emergency room visit.  Assholes.  Where’s the “magic”  where’s the “you’ll feel better, we promise”??? I haven’t felt better ONE DAY since starting this thing.  >_<

Man, I’m a stubborn somebody, huh?  I shoulda quit weeks ago, but no, I said I’d go the whole thirty days and damned if I would… Oh well, two days isn’t gonna hurt anything.  Whole grains, here I come.



So, what I’m talking about in that note a “program” called The Whole 30 Days or something like that. It’s linked above. It’s supposed to help with stuff like IBS and whatnot. It’s very much a paleo diet (though it didn’t market itself as one) and I didn’t think that it could hurt even if it didn’t help. But as you can see, it did hurt — a lot. Right out of the box, I started hurting (gas hurts, y’all). But people kept saying, “Give it time, you’ll feel better.”  I started out with raw veggies and that really made me hurt like nothing else, so I started cooking them. That helped a little, but as you can see, I ended up in the ER with a packed colon. That was on day 28 or 29 of the “thirty day” program. I think the idea was that if someone can make it past the first 30 days, they will have gotten used to eating this way and not revert back to their bad old habits.


Because it’s funny

So the lesson I learned was — and I already knew this, but I’m really stubborn sometimes about these things because I wanted this to work! dammit! — listen to my body. If it hurts, stop doing that. Even if everyone says it’s supposed to be “good” for me or to “give it time.”  Screw that noise. I mean, I’ve tried so many things that are “good” for me because when one is in pain, one gets desperate to get out of pain. Seriously. Otherwise I would have never tried such a radical diet. But hey, I tried. It didn’t work. Now I know.

I also learned that this body, the one I inhabit, needs carbs and processed foods. Otherwise nothing works right. Living on meat and veggies alone didn’t cut it. This body doesn’t doesn’t digest “whole” foods well. Sorry, doctors, nutritionists and arm-chair health nuts, but all of your well meaning advice just doesn’t cut it with this body.  Even the advice I got up there ^^^ really did a number on me because I ate “whole grains” to get the plumbing working again, and ended up back in the medical clinic a couple of days later with horrible pains… Yeah me and whole grains don’t mix. At all. Like, ever.

So I’ve learned to be a little less stubborn about these things because… pain. I try to avoid pain as much as possible. And it’s been my experience that being stubborn only leads to more pain. So yeah, be less stubborn. That’s the lesson. 🙂


4 thoughts on “A (not so) blast from the past

  1. Yup. A lot of diets make promises and most of them are based on what the authors thinks ought to be true. And, more importantly, what the authors think will SELL. It’s always about the bottom line. Their bottom line, now ours.


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