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Fer real

Yesterday was a busy day for me and the hubs. Anyone who knows me for any amount of time knows that I have this overwhelming urge every month or so to rearrange my surroundings. Sometimes this urge can be quenched by just moving one or two pieces of furniture (an end table here,  a lamp there) but sooner or later, an entire room will be rearranged.  My kidlings were resigned to this at a very young age, because they knew they would be taking part in this moving of furniture and the cleaning that accompanied it.


sneaky. 🙂

It’s amazing how much crap ends up under furniture, isn’t it? I think one of the reasons why I have this incredible urge to move furniture around is because I know… I just know that there’s dust, food, pet hair, and other stuff building up under and behind the furniture.  It doesn’t matter how well I clean, even when I could “deep clean” the only way to get it all is to move the furniture and clean under it. And, since I’m going to be moving it anyway, I may as well put it in a new configuration and get the energy moving again (kinda like feng shui, but not).  Two birds with one stone and all of that. Right? It’s one of the reasons why I am… er… was nomadic. I need that change in scenery or I get kinda stir crazy. Even when I lived in an 18 foot motor home with everything attached to the floor, I moved shit around — more than once.  I lived there a whole year! I can’t be having things looking the same for a whole year! Are you crazy? >_<

corner piece

the offending piece

So anyway, a few months back, the hubs and I bought this La-Z-Boy sofa — it’s a sectional sofa and we like it, but the crappy carpet on our floor isn’t conducive to recliners.  Mine kept getting stuck. So they raised the front, which made the whole chair sit wrong. Which really wasn’t great for my back. Anyway, I had the bright idea to go out and get some plywood to put over the rugs and we would put the couch on top of that. And that’s what we did. My plan was simple… put the plywood down and shift the sofa to the other side of the room. Again, two birds, on stone. But things got a little complicated. Seems I didn’t take into account the curved part of the sectional. Which took up just a little bit more space than the straight parts of the sectional. So we had to sit down and reconfigure our plans.  Y’all have to remember that neither of us are spring chickens anymore, and neither of us are in any shape to be hauling furniture around.  By the time we realized our mistake, we were both hot, sweaty, and hurting.

How I feel today

How I feel today

But we figured it out.  We got the furniture arranged in a way that will ease my must move things about right now! urge — for a while hopefully — and we’re both slightly worse for wear. I’m also hoping that the plywood does its intended job and keeps everything above the carpet so the recliners work without fighting with the carpet. I covered the edges with cloth so we don’t have raw plywood under our couches, but really I wouldn’t even care too much even if we did.  I mean, I totally taped that cloth on with gorilla tape, and it’s scrap cloth I had lying around.  If I gave a flying fig about aesthetics, I’da done a better job of covering up the plywood, but mostly I wanted to give at least a tiny barrier for possible toe stubbing (and splinters — don’t want splinters). In the end we split the couch into two sections.  One reclining section with the aforementioned center piece on the end for me, and one section with a cup holder/storage area on the end for the hubster. After many many hours we have the room in semi-decent order and now my back is telling me that I have to really find a way to overcome this overwhelming urge to rearrange things.

I’m not sure how one overcomes an overwhelming feeling. But I don’t know how much longer my body will let me do it.


13 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. How is your back now? Moving things around is never easy, even for so called ‘spring chickens’ 😂 I can understand the urge though, I suffer from the same overwhelming desire to move furniture around every few months 😁 My husband has learned to live with it (for now)

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    • The urge never goes away. EVER! I’ve been this way all my life and even when I can barely move my own body I will still muster up enough energy to move furniture because that feeling will not be denied.

      Don’t tell my husband, but if he hadn’t “helped” I probably would have gotten it done faster and hurt myself less. Ha! Mostly because I’ve been doing this a long time and I know how to move heavy things without hurting my back, but he doesn’t and he keeps putting us both in positions that aren’t conducive to good back health (work smarter, not harder).

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  2. Back when I was in college (I say that like it was years ago but this was only 2010/2011) my roommate and I rearranged our room twice in the time we were there. I mean I guess three times if you could moving in. We did it during finals week each time as a way to get our minds off studying. I was always in charge of measuring things and then we would draw it out on paper. That’s how serious we were about it. One of the times we got the measurements wrong and I remember we just left it for an hour in its disheveled state because we were so frustrated.


    • My college days were about the same time and I say ‘back when I was in college’ too. 🙂 I never really do the drawing out on paper thing and only measured this time because we were buying plywood and I didn’t want to waste money on the wood. >_<

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      • It helps a lot. I used to rearrange my room as a kid too and spent a lot of time fixing my mess ups. Saves you time in the long run even though it’s super nerdy. It helped me to create little paper cut outs of the pieces I had to scale that would match an outline of the room and arrange it that way first. It’s reusable and fun.

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        • I know… a lot of people do the same as you. I’ve tried. I’m not a visual person that way. My mind doesn’t register it. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true. It won’t connect the paper with the reality. Even in 3D (I’ve created 3D mock ups of my living room to do the same thing). I still can’t visualize it. I just wing it every time. It usually works out pretty well.

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            • I’ve learned that if I want my husband’s help, I have to at least make a rudimentary drawing, because he can’t picture what I’m talking about when I’m describing how I want things done — that’s why I did the 3D mock up — plus I got to play with 3D software (bonus!). ^_^ So you’re right that everyone has their own way.

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