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My tongue is confused

I went to the dentist today to have a big old hole filled in one of my back molars. For years now, my tongue has been digging food out of that hole because it bothers me to have food stuck in my teeth. The dentist said he was fighting my tongue the entire time he was putting the filling in (it flicked several bits out without me knowing it — next time he’s using a dam). Β Now that the Novocaine has worn off, my tongue keeps going to that now-filled tooth and trying to push the filling out.

hahaha I think that’s funny.

Brought to you by today’s daily prompt: confused


One of my favorite Peanuts comics


4 thoughts on “My tongue is confused

  1. Oh that made me laugh so hard! I remember when I had my teeth straightened as a child. There was this little wire on the back of my lower front teeth and I had it for years. When they finally took it out it felt like my teeth had fallen out. My tongue was confused too πŸ™‚

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