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Next week…

I will be fifty years old, on the dot.  I mentioned that in my post yesterday. Born 1966 in August.

So was my twin. Same day even. 😉

And I just have to say to her.

Damn girl! You’re old. ^_^



Not me though. I may be getting older in years, and my body might be getting old before its time, but my mind will be forever young.


That’s about right

I might be turning fifty next week, but my mind is convinced that I’m still 29, sometimes younger. It’s often confused as to why this body just won’t do the things it used to be able to do when is was 29, or even 40 for that matter. But that’s okay. I’m good with being young at heart. I honestly am. It gives me the fortitude I need to put up with my ever failing body.

Besides, it takes a young mind to kill dragons! Haha!


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