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Doctors, Dr.s, and More PhDs

So, now that the hubs and I have “damned good insurance” according to someone I spoke with at the insurance agency, I’ve been going to the doctor, who has been sending me to other doctors, who want me to see even more doctors, and so it goes.

Cartoon 2

I know, right?

The good news is that this doctor I’m seeing isn’t focusing on one thing, which is what a lot of doctors in my past where wont to do. They’d say, “Oh, you can’t breathe? Well, let’s get you breathing again.” or, “Oh, your cholesterol is really high, we need to bring that down.” to the exclusion of everything else that’s wrong with me. This doctor doesn’t seem to be doing that so far.

Well, after we had a little talk about the first dismissive lab note she sent — damn, was that really back in July? Anyway since then she’s been more open to getting things done right. I now have a psychiatrist on board, because a lot of the medications for fibromyalgia are of the anti-depressant kind and people with bipolar disorder need to be careful when taking anti-depressants because mania is not a fun thing. Not at all. I speak from experience. She also has me seeing a “medical therapist” who… I can’t really explain her role other than she listens to my concerns and talks to the doctors who are treating me about them (because they’re all in the same network). So everyone’s on the same page, I guess. This is a new thing for me, but I suppose this hospital saw the need for this position and filled it. Hey, whatever works to get the doctors to listen to me, I’m all for it.

Anyway, the last month or so has been kinda busy with doctors and whatnot. Next week, I don’t have any appointments. Yay!

enough crafting supplies


In other news, I’ve found a knitting group… they meet at the hospital. I mean, I literally found them while I was there seeing the doctor. It seems they meet there three times a week, well there are knitting groups that meet there three times a week, but the one I “found” is on Wednesday. At first I thought it was weird to have a knitting group in the hospital, but then I was all, What the hell, why not? a knitting group is a knitting group. The people are nice, and the chairs are comfortable. Now I just have to get into the swing of knitting things again. It’s been a while — a few months at least — and I’m not used to it anymore. Especially in a group setting. I mean, damn, it’s been at least two years since I’ve been a part of a knitting group. But it’s good to know that there’s one not so far away and that they’re nice people. I’ve been to two meetings so far and so far, it’s been fun.

What’s really sad is I was looking through my five bins of yarn and said to myself, “I don’t have any yarn to complete this project I want to do.” Now if that isn’t spoken like a true crafter, I don’t know what is.

So there you are, dear reader. Nothing earth shattering. Just doctor’s visits and knitting. I can’t say that I feel better for having seen the doctors, but they had to be cautious before starting me on a new medication (Cymbalta for the fibromyalgia) and I only just started it a couple of days ago. We’ll see if it works. Here’s to hoping


4 thoughts on “Doctors, Dr.s, and More PhDs

  1. You are blessed to have found a doctor (rare as the long departed dodo) who actually sees the whole freakin’ picture and doesn’t focus on one piece of it. I’m struggling to decide what to do vis a vis doctors because I see so many and they’ve stopped listening/I’ve stopped communicating because they do that one piece bit. No answers, just a lot of envy! Knit on!! 😀


  2. I have been there and done that. I’m sort of doing that with my new doctor, but I’m also not letting myself get onto the medical merry-go-round. I just can’t do it anymore. I run around, get a million tests and opinions and end up either recovering from another near-death experience, or right back where I started. I don’t need to run around to be in the same place — and I think I’ll just skip the next near death experience. I need a break from crisis. I hope you come out of this with something better than you went in.


      • Each new primary care doctor wants to get new tests, new scans. Make sure they haven’t missed anything and I respect that. But it’s also my tired old carcass. Some things, like my spine, aren’t going to change much and not in a good way, regardless. So some stuff falls into the “let it be” category. I already know more than I want to know.


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