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Visual aide. 🙂

So, today’s daily prompt is elegant, which strangely enough brought to mind knitting styles. I’m going with the definition of elegant that means in “graceful in form and movement.” here. Now for those not familiar with knitting, it’s a crafting technique where someone takes a fiber like yarn (or wool as it’s called elsewhere) and makes cloth or fabric with it using two “needles”. There are two basic stitches, the knit stitch and the purl stitch. All one needs to learn are those two and everything else is build on top of them. But in essence, knitting is pulling a loop of yarn through another, existing loop of yarn to make a cloth.  Crocheting is basically the same but crocheters use a hook instead of needles and the cloth they create is different. With crocheting (as illustrated) one creates the loop of yarn through the fabric being made, instead of keeping all loops on the needle. But the concept is the same pull a loop of fiber through another loop of fiber and create cloth. I knit and crochet, and I don’t have a preference. I think they’re both handy depending on what kind of fabric I’m making. But today I’m talking about knitting.


Maybe not always…

So, there are many ways that one can knit, but I know of two. Here in the United States we call them the “English” and the “Continental”.  In the English way of knitting — which is how I first learned to knit and how I knitted for a very long time — one holds the yarn in their right hand and “throws” the yarn around the needle before pulling through the loop. It’s very popular here in the US and how most people I know  learned to knit.  In the Continental way of knitting, one holds the yarn in their left hand and pulls the yarn through the loop with the other needle.  I learned how to do this about five years ago and never looked back. Now I find trying to knit the English way knitting awkward and strange. It’s incredibly slow and I can’t get my tension right whenever I try it. Tension, for y’all’s information, is very important in both knitting and crocheting. Otherwise the fabric created will be uneven. Anyway, I find Continental knitting far more graceful and elegant — for me at least. Probably because I also crochet and the yarn is held much in the same way. It just feels right to me.

A video, for your convenience:

The video maker also has her opinion…



But there’s no right or wrong way to knit (or crochet, there are different ways of doing that too), dear reader. I’ve seen some people zip along with the English style of knitting — they go so fast! Even though they’re “throwing” their yarn. Everyone has their own way, and as long as the cloth gets made, who is to say they’re doing it wrong? Not me, that’s who. 🙂

But that’s what the prompt brought to mind. Not exciting, I know. It was on my mind anyway because when I was sitting among the people at a knitting group I found yesterday, I realized that I was one of only two Continental knitters in the group of about fifteen knitters. And last week, I was the only crocheter in the group. Ha!


What say you?

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